Do you think Kim K has something to do with Kanye's popularity decline?


  • Someone - 10 years ago

    Love is a beautiful thing so if they are truly in love, I support them BUT .... seeing Kim jump from man to man and given her reputation makes their relationship seem like it's a big joke.

    He's no average joe, he's Kanye West. What interest could he possible have in a woman who was made famous by a sex tape and who was also dumped by other famos men after they had their turn? It's kinda like Eddie from Family matters marrying Superhead. The sex may be good but at the end of the day, I know Kanye thinks about all men Kim has had confirmed relations with.

    Im NOT saying she's a hoe but its kinda like a used's nice but not as nice as a new one. It's one thing to be linked to someone or for it to be speculated that you're dating but America knows the majority of men Kim has been with since Ray J and I'm sorry, everybody deserves redemption but that's just gross.

    Kim you should learn to keep your legs closed pubically until you actuly gets the ring or if not be a lady and keep your business to yourself unless you know he's the one and not another "toot it and boot it."

  • Fallon - 10 years ago

    I feel that Kanye West has made a bad decision in making Kim K his baby momma, and the reason is" no moral values". With that being said, I have no hard feelings against Kim or Kanye but he should see that she is trying to get what Jay and Bey got but that relationship took time. Kim and Kanye are rushing into something that is a lifetime commitment and they don't know if they are going to be together when the baby comes. Kim K is a bag of emotions and Kanye isn't prepared for that because he has his moments of putting things out there that shouldn't be(the song theraflu speaks for itself) put out there. Plus Kim K is still married to Kris Humphries and now this is something he can use in their divorce proceedings( claiming infidelity). Kim thought she had problems before she will really have some now and knowing Jay, he's not going to let Kanye fuck his life up anymore(when he spiraled out of control a couple years ago) for something that isn't a definite thing. Jay and Bey are happily married, Kanye and Kim are happily shacking up. Big difference in the two.

  • Deja - 10 years ago

    Kanye has the fail of 2012 for getting Kim pregnant, right after Tyga's fail.

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