Should we sit down with HSUS in "common cause?"


  • B.L. Cozad - 11 years ago

    Police Officers arresting/enforcing any law rips families apart and creates situations where Law Enforcement Officers may hurt, cripple and yes even kill a person to force the person into compliance with the law.
    Would you advocate passing a law supporting your government making raids that may kill George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, John Hancock and/or Benjamin Franklin to defend a chicken?
    Oklahoma absolutely needs the hundreds of millions of dollars that we lost in 2004 when the unconstitutional foundation of UN Agenda 21 policy of putting animals, fish and fowl above human lives was laid when the Humane Society of the United States (a UN Agenda 21 supporting NGO) and their corrupt UN Agenda 21 supporting puppets in offices within our state capitol pushed through an unconstitutional law criminalizing the gamecock harvest industry. Oklahoma residents in the rural countries and towns across Oklahoma have been devastated by the lost income that was taken from our communities. We absolutely must have legislators that possess the courage to repeal this unconstitutional law that attempts to establish the foundation of UN Agenda 21, destroying our industries, destroying our constitutionally protected property rights and destroying the economies of our rural citizens, towns and counties in the push to implement the globalist UN Agenda 21 plan.
    Please understand the truth George Washington and many of our founding fathers were gamecock owners (cockfighters). In this concept of truth in today’s age our government officials would be sending law enforcement officers out to make raids, rip families apart and create situations where government agents may kill American citizens that share the same values that George Washington possessed.

  • chris petersen - 11 years ago

    As a traditional family farm hog farmer we need to be responsible for and treat animals with respect till we eat them.....quite simple

  • B.L. Cozad - 11 years ago

    I personally know many cockfighters and have been going to the cockfights since I was 14 years old (over 30 years) and the description above is the most honest description of the majority of cockfighters that I have ever seen in print.

    This then in reality sounds like this sociology study is describing a typical rural farmer or rancher and in reality that is exactly who the gamecock owners are. Our livestock just happens to be gamecocks instead of beef cattle and the method of harvest of gamecocks differs from the method of harvest of a steer but then again so does the method of harvest of a goat.

    Maybe we should send Law Enforcement Officers out and create situations where we may potentially kill those despicable twisted goat killing proponents of the goat murder industry, you know those vile “farmers and ranchers” that are raising and harvesting goats to earn a living and feed their families in rural America.

    As the truth of the HSUS agenda is being exposed to more and more people Wayne Pacelle is now stating that he wants to “work with the animal agriculture industries and prefers compromise to conflict”. He goes on to say: "We are looking for a new way forward," Pacelle said. "Instead of endless campaigning or conflict with political adversaries, we now want to forge solutions that produce tangible and meaningful outcomes for animals. And that means sitting down with people who see the world differently than we do, even sitting down with industries that we've had deep disagreements with in the past."

    Let me assist Wayne in fully understanding what he supports: sending Law Enforcement Officers out to point guns at rural Americans to force these rural farmers and ranchers into compliance with the UN Agenda 21 policies and Wayne’s opinion regarding our livestock.

    I’d like to know where Wayne thinks he has any ownership rights vested in “my property” (livestock) that would enable him and his corrupt organization to sway legislators to grant rights to my livestock and then dictate to me what my constitutionally protected property rights are as he attempts to criminalize and destroy my ability to harvest my livestock, earn a living and provide for my family in rural America?

    If that is "compromise" in Wayne Pacelle’s book then the farmers and ranchers across America must realize that Wayne Pacelle’s entire organization (the HSUS) is a privately owned business that’s sole mission and money making efforts are designed to infringe upon, slowly strip away and ultimately remove the property rights of rural farmers and ranchers to their livestock and the land which they own.

    And that is the “United Nations Agenda 21 Wildlands Project” and the “Socialist NWO - One World Government proponents’ intentions and plan being carried out by the HSUS.

    In truth there is no compromise and no middle ground when dealing with the HSUS and their agenda, our state and federal legislators are either supporting our constitutional rights, property rights and our animal agriculture industries and our American way of life or they are supporting the HSUS and the socialist agenda of the United Nations Agenda 21.

  • B.L. Cozad Jr - 11 years ago

    The HSUS is one of the Non-Government organizations pushing the UN Agenda 21 plan to destroy our rural animal agriculture industries and achieve the founder of agenda 21 and HSUS senior board member/advisor Maurice Strong’s stated goal “to cause the collapse of America”.

    The HSUS has trained their personnel to use the delphi technique to involve you in a discussion that they will use to guide into arriving at their predetermined destination which is meant to deprive you of more of your God-given constitutionally protected unalienable rights.

    Now this that our God given constitutionally protected unalienable rights cannot be taken from us using the excuse that the government’s duty is to defend livestock from the farmers and ranchers that own the livestock.

    I have compiled Federal and US Supreme Court rulings that prove the Animal Welfare Act and all animal protection laws are unconstitutional as they attempt to move, nature, animals, fish and fowl above human lives all in accordance with the UN Agenda 21 plan.

    If you are not aware of UN Agenda 21 then please look it up online, there are many utube videos that expose this agenda as the greatest threat facing America today.

    The UN Small Arms Treaty and disarming Americans is only one portion of the agenda 21 plan. Our federal government is attempting to push gun control through right now.

    UN Codex Alimentarius and taking control of America’s food supply is another portion of the agenda 21 plan which was enacted in the USA on 31 Dec 2009.

    There is absolutely no need to discuss animal care with the HSUS, the opinion of the animal rights extremist does NOT supersede my god-given, constitutionally protected unalienable rights. These animal rights extremists depend on engaging you in a discussion in order to guide you into agreeing to compromise away your rights over livestock you own. Thereby giving these animal rights extremist control over your property.

    There is no discussion necessary I own my livestock, my livestock is my property and I have dominion over my livestock and all inherent property rights that come with ownership of my property (livestock) to use (harvest) them for my economic benefit and personal gain and the animal rights extremist/UN Agenda 21 supporters of the HSUS have no ownership of my property and therefore no authority to advocate for laws dictating, removing, infringing on and/or limiting what my property (ownership) rights are.

  • B.L. Cozad Jr - 11 years ago

    The Routine Propaganda of the HSUS is losing Credibility and Support.

    There is absolutely no need to discuss my property rights to my livestock with the animal rights extremist UN Agenda 21 supporters of the HSUS.

    Statements from the HSUS senior officials used to strike fear into the hearts of cowardly legislators afraid of not jumping to the HSUS’s tune. Now as the truth regarding the HSUS becomes more publicly exposed everyday lies such as the ones below from the HSUS’s vice president Jonathan R. Lovvorn are no longer carrying the political weight or intimidating their opponents.

    “Cockfighting is a vicious bloodsport, and a serious federal crime,” said Jonathan R. Lovvorn, vice president & chief counsel for animal protection litigation for The HSUS.
    “The twisted proponents of this sickening animal cruelty have gone to court three times to strike down the nation’s animal-fighting law, and lost three times.”

    This is clearly contradicted by the recent 10th circuit court ruling in the Robert Langford cockfighting case where the Federal Court Judge ruled that “cockfighting is a victimless crime”.

    And “the twisted proponents” of the gamecock harvest industry are in truth livestock owners = “rural farmers and ranchers” that raise and harvest gamecocks (livestock) in the same industry and method of harvest the gamecock has been harvested in for more than 3,000 years.

    The rural farmers and ranchers that engage in the gamecock harvest industry are simply that “farmers and ranchers” with the same values that other farmers and ranchers hold.

    Sociology studies from leading sociologists at Clemson University and Virginia Polytechnical University display a very different picture of the people engaged in the gamecock harvest industry than the HSUS propaganda paints.

    Slanderous name calling like “twisted proponents of this sickening animal cruelty” are carefully chosen words meant to intentionally mislead and biased the general public against the farmers and ranchers whose primary livestock are gamecocks.

    In reality it is found that the lies of the HSUS about the gamecock owners are intentionally meant to intimidate the gamecock owners, distort the public view against and cast disparaging shadows over who these rural “farmers and ranchers” really are in order to push the UN Agenda 21 plan of moving animals, fish and fowl above human lives.

    The summary of the National sociology study of American cockfighters clearly refutes the HSUS’s lies:

    Research conducted by Clemson University sociology professor William C. Capel and Virginia Polytechnical University sociology professor Clifton Bryant. They co-authored “The Clemson Report” in 1974 and again in 1991, a sociological profile of cockfighters. They reported that “Devotees of cockfighting show no psychological abnormalities. … There are no serious psychological differences between those who engage in this behavior and those who do not. Certainly there are no signs of psychotic behavior. … “People engaged in this recreational form are basically conservative, highly concerned with health and outdoor life, strongly patriotic and strongly in favor of obeying laws and preservation of public order.” Many cockfighters had jobs in government, education or the armed forces, and almost none were on welfare or unemployed. Almost 40 percent were “in the white-collar ranks of sales, administration or business positions,” almost 30 percent were “skilled blue collar” and about 25 percent were “semi-skilled blue collar.” About 27 percent had some education beyond high school. In an interview for a story published in Harper’s magazine, Professor Bryant said: “They’re mostly middle-class, from small towns or the country, more likely to be married, more likely to stay married, more likely to go to church, to be veterans,” he says. “In fact, if you tried to go back and put together a typical American of the 1940s or ‘50s that would be a cockfighter.”

    I personally k

  • Marcy Covault - 11 years ago

    Looks like the H$U$ spin machine got busy and hijacked the poll. NO ONE I know is sympathetic to the H$U$. Maybe one reason is that I have educated them on the sociopathic "animal rights"-led factory fundraising machine that is the H$U$. Care about animals? Yeah, all the way to the bank with high salaries and pension funds--and less than 1% actually going directly to help animals. That is shameful, immoral, and unethical. People are starting to wake up to the society-threatening "animal rights"-led organizations that are anti-human and anti-humane.

  • Marsha H. - 11 years ago

    HSUS has become a giant corrupt money machine. Donate to LOCAL humane societies that directly help animals, and while you're at it, buy food (of any kind) from small local producers when you can. When you can't buy local, do your own research on the source of your food. And don't forget checking the source of your pets' food as well - too many pets have died or become severely ill in recent years due to tainted imports.

  • t driver - 11 years ago

    Just looking at the comments, I think you will discover the comments are from bloggers who are not producers. I'm sure there are inhumane situations in all types of agriculture and rules and regulations are at times violated. But for those not involved in agriculture as a means of income, just think about your wrongs you commit in your concrete jungle with exceeding the speed limit, parking in a parking space not designated for you and your fudging on your taxes.
    Just a little something for you to think about.

  • Robert White - 11 years ago

    Some of these comments are pretty entertaining. If HSUS is for the animals, perhaps they should spend some of it on helping actual animals?! I see the most recent report states that just 1% of the $160M budget goes to animal shelters. Seems that is the heartstrings they pull on their TV commercials... Where is the concern for these "slaves", as they call them?

  • winona kitto - 11 years ago

    Downsize, downsize, downsize. Let animals be animals, not commodities.

  • Teresa Tellez - 11 years ago

    Someone should do something to help these an smiles, they do not have to be treated this way! They feel pain just as we do,and someone needs to see that it is stopped

  • Tamborine Borrelli - 11 years ago

    There is no question that the inhumane practices of the meat industry MUST CHANGE. People are waking up to these atrocities and teaching their children at a young age how all living things deserve respect and love.... ESPECIALLY if they are giving the ultimate gift of their lives. I understand the meat industries question of how do we 'harvest' millions of animals a day in a humane way? ANSWER: FIND ONE. OR THERE WON'T BE A MEAT INDUSTRY TO SPEAK OF IN THE FUTURE. CRUELTY TO ANIMALS IS ARCHAIC, BARBARIC AND A SIGN OF THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL IN HUMANITY. IT MUST EVOLVE OR FACE EXTINCTION.

  • Colleen Hudson - 11 years ago

    These animals need help and they need help real fast. Stop the torture and Killing of the animals. Animals are a gift to us to love and learn from. For CRYING POUT LOUD, have compassion and empathy. Animals feel pain the same as humans do.

  • Marcy Townsend - 11 years ago

    Anytime there is a question it is always best to confront the one you need the answer from. I would strongly say that it is a very good idea and really hope to see this happen for the good of the animals!

  • A. Smith - 11 years ago

    There is no reason animals have to be treated so horribly! I hate that we have to kill them at all!

  • m - 11 years ago

    people should just stop eating animals period

    theres no such thing as humane murder

  • Elizabeth Rott - 11 years ago

    If people of differing views converse and come to a consensus of points upon which they can agree, some productive outcomes might be possible. Where reason is never even tried - there is little hope of anything but incessant battle. And of course if we do reason together, and it yields nothing, we have the high road of being able to say we tried!

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