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  • Jean - 11 years ago

    Has anyone besides me noticed that the real racists are the ones who always yell racist. There is racism alright but it is against the whites, not the blacks. The blacks get free homes, free phones, free food, free transportation and on and on. The whites pick up the bill for them. Not all blacks are like this, but the takers out number the makers and they are proud of it. Time for things to turn around and if you earn it, it is yours, if you don't, do without. I'm tired of the real racists wanting people to feel sorry for them because they sold their own people into slavery and sent them on ships to America to be sold into slavery. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Kuogy - 12 years ago

    This lady has horrible grammar. I found an entire list of errors in her blog here. Kinda makes her sound dumb to be calling people ignorant when she cant use language properly. I also believe that the NRA has lost credibility recently. However, this blog is awful.

  • Jose Claudio - 12 years ago

    I think that there are many racist in this country and not just ignorant ones. We have highly educated racist that would see this great country implode with their tactics rather that letting this country become an example to the world, of the great melting pot of races, all pulling together.

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