What is your opinion on raising the cervical cancer screening age to 25?


  • Moo - 9 years ago

    Rejoicing for women under 25 but the treatment protocols for women over 35 are changed. Now there are going to be more colposcopies and "treatments". The gyns still want to make money but they can make more money on older women who will need more fertility and "precancer" treatments. Most women do not choose to have babies while in their twenties. They are delaying pregnancies until they are older. They know this.

    I would not even doubt that world governments are somewhat in some conspiracy with them to control population. Does anyone else hear alarm bells ringing?

  • Sue - 10 years ago

    Elizabeth, thank you for this comment. I have revised the poll to include the choice to decline screening altogether, as well as the decision of what age to be screened (if one chooses to screen) as part of informed consent.

  • Elizabeth - 10 years ago

    I voted for option 2, but that includes choosing not to screen at all. I made an informed decision more than 30 years ago not to have pap testing at any age. All these years later there is no doubt in my mind it was the best decision for me and has spared me from decades of risk. Most women my age have had a "scare" or "treatment". It's madness that screening for a rare cancer means most women end up having something done to their cervix, whether that's a biopsy, laser treatment, cryotherapy etc

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