1) Would you label the Croatia events "extreme"?

  • Chris Thomas - 8 years ago

    I have just finished reading Martin Luther King's Letter from a Birmingham Jail which he wrote in response to a letter signed by the local clergy of that city. His fellow ministers had urged their church members to wait for change in the laws, while MLK, as expressed so eloquently in his letter of response, explained why non-violence of peaceful actions and non-violence of heart were needed to bring about the changes in society that were so desperately needed. MLK was pointed in his letter about the disappointment he felt in the city's religious leaders who preferred a lukewarm support of their black bretheren to an active and courageous walk of solidarity with them. MLK's letter should be re-read by everyone in the Catholic Church as we approach the MLK Holiday. We have much to learn from this prophetic man.

  • Lorna Horishny - 8 years ago

    I'd like to come back in a hundred years and see the changes the activists are working so hard on now. It will be fascinating. Pax.

  • Tom Colgan, SJ - 8 years ago

    Leaders in any faith tradition who use the word faggot should be corrected by proper authority and by the people they serve. Our prophetic tradition must not die. Speaking like that is why some people identify with this over used statement today: I am not religious, but I have spirituality. Do you understand why they say this? Disdain for others, arrogance and being judgemental are not good pastoral practices.

  • Loretta Larkey - 8 years ago

    People demonstrating their love and affection through a kiss is not extreme, in my opinion. The vitriolic hate speech expressed by the clergy is damaging and extreme

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