Are you glad Shawty Lo's show is canceled?


  • Haylock71 - 11 years ago

    He who is without sin cast the first stone. In reality, Shawty Lo is a father with serious financial obligations. Obviously, a regular 9 to 5 will not suffice and his rap thang ain't cuttin' it. Moreover, the unemployment rate for blacks is double the national average. Television programmimg is already garbage and people already have strong preconceived notions of us hood folk. What decent human being would prevent a man from feeding his family by legitimate means? I guess you would rather have him be arrested for drugs and his children on welfare because an irresponsible black man makes better fodder for blogging. I support your efforts, homie. Where do I sign?

  • tee - 11 years ago

    The truth is people are entitled to watch what they want at anytime, but seems like the people have spoken. Why promote this show and who's behind the network? OK just as I figure answer that yourself. Why not a show about him coming up in the rap game? Oh well it's time to push the positive in the spotlight and be mindful of what's presented on behalf of men, kids, women, familes, etc! 11 kids by all different women shows unprotected sex now that's not safe. I understand that he's involved in his kids life and that's good, but what does it promote. ELEVEN?

  • Anthony Ward - 11 years ago

    My problem is people telling us what we should or should not watch. Who chose you to speak for us. Get your own life!! Why not Scandal which portrays a sister as a white man's wench? If you don't like it change the channel. It doesn't matter the DVD of the show will soon be out on the streets. People like you couldn't stop rap and you won't stop reality shows. Please pass this on to the Lamb wench.

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