What grade do you give the 'Fringe' series finale?

  • Kim - 6 years ago

    I just now watched Fringe all 5 seasons. I loved the show and the ending. But.... am a little confused. I know Walter went into the future and why... but when did he disappear out of Peter's life. Walter had to be there for Olivia to meet Peter or even in the world where nobody knew Peter, there still had to be Walter. When did Walter disappear into the future cause it wasn't when Etta was a little girl? Does anybody know? That look Peter gave at the very end... what did that mean? Does he remember what happened to Walter or is going to happen? Another thing, if time is reset and we only go back to when Etta was a little girl, when was the time reset to. If you say it was reset to when the observers were sent to earth's past, then that would be way far back in earths past because they were seen in pictures. I hope somebody knowa these answers so I can stop thinking about it.

  • Debbie - 8 years ago

    I cannot imagine life for me without Walter. I will miss Fringe souly.

  • James Gosling - 8 years ago

    Me too Christine.

    A fantastic TV show, I may have even cried a few times, or a handful...

    I'm really glad teh series ended like that, a nice ring to it.- I'll miss it alot!

    Wonder if i'll ever find another show like it...

  • Christine - 8 years ago

    I'm so sad the serie is done. But happy we could at least have a great ending !

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