Was Kendrick Johnson murdered?

Posted 6 years.


  • RIP KENDRICK JOHNSON - 4 years ago

    This dnt make any sense he was killed an they know it and the truth is about to come out alot of people about to lose they job and goin to jail smh RIP KENDRICK

  • Shay - 4 years ago

    I want to send my condolences to the family of Kendrick Johnson RIH lil man and also would like to say that a staff member or staff members child has something to do with this because only a staff member can come in contact with the video cameras they also must be friends with the cops because from what I read they did sound like they cared at all you know damn well that baby could have fell into that wrestling mat like that without anyone in the whole school hearing him don't think so also he entered the school with jeans on where is his jeans in the pic I believe they hiding something and someone.

  • Cookie - 5 years ago

    Kendrick Johnson was murdered They are telling lie after lie, children at school no what happened What about Kendrick friends, I pray for his family children where in the gym they saw what happened to Kendrick. The truth is coming and the murder or murders to and the people the covered it up So Kendrick was in the gym all night lie after lie

  • Nadia from South Africa - 6 years ago

    I am shocked at the police! Seems like a cover up to me! I believe that KJ was killed. Is his home town a racist place? Its just got a weird ring to it!

  • Jordae Bell - 6 years ago

    Obviously someone killed kendrick , its plan nd simple that somebody did it , somehow I think he was told to go there , nd got murdered , I pray for his family , he's now in a better place watchin over his family , may kendrick rest in paradise!¡§

  • Toni - 6 years ago

    Someone Killed this young Man. My Prayers are with the Family, and hope they find the people who did this. I truly think it was more than one person..

  • Emelio Enrique Estroda - 6 years ago

    Nahh they killed him...How tf could someone fit in between those mats its impossible && look at his face NO there is some foul play && the sheriff is trying to cover..he knows something && if he did fall he would have caused some kind of commotion for someone to know he's there I don't understand how no one would hear that it crazy

  • C. Hoskins - 6 years ago

    I'm sorry but some details within this story just do not sound right. how can one fall upside down into a rolled up mat and become lodged? That story is the most ridiculous one I have heard in a while. Also, look at his face, does that come just from someone being held upside for too long, or does that look like he was beaten to death? Looks a lot like Emit Till's picture and that in itself is horrific. I believe the police are lying, or withholding valuable information, and I just hope justice is served.

  • Jessica morphis - 6 years ago

    So u mean to tell me they didn't have gym class at all that day because lets say he did fall into the mat im sure he would scream for help or try to wiggle his way out the mat causeing it to fall over which means he wouldn't be upside down any more an the blood couldn't flow to his brain that whole story makes no since that boy was murdered an wrapped in that mat an it was premeditated. An I hope who ever did it burns in Hell including the cops covering up what really happened cause if the really believe that shit they got to be the dumbest people I heard of ....R.I.P KJ fly high

  • Concerned Citizen - 6 years ago

    It doesn't say he wrapped himself up, it says he fell into the center and got stuck. Which is completely ridiculous. The person who wrote the blog says it's plausible; not really. 1. You'd have to be pretty small to fit into the center of a wrestling mat that is already rolled up and KJ was a football player so I doubt he was small enough. 2. Even if you were small enough to fit in there you would have to intentionally dive in (and you'd probably have to be an amazing diver to get it the first time). How could you fall into such a small whole from an angle? Unless he fell straight down from the ceiling and even then he'd have to have good aim. Otherwise he'd just crash into the edge of the mat and fall to the floor.

  • Franchelle Gilford - 6 years ago

    how in the hell he goin to roll hisself up in a mat

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