Why do you write?
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  • Eve Visconti - 9 years ago

    As one of the members of your group, I am particularly interested in what you had to say, and have been mulling these issues over myself. I think the discussion inspired me to just write - for myself and see what happens. I've been too hung up on the notion that I can and must get published - the traditional way - and make some money at it. I've also been too wary of people's criticisms (particularly my family) and seeming disinterest in my works by my so-called, friends. I just have to write what and how I want and see what develops from it.

    As I wrote in my writing journal the other day:

    Maybe I should just tackle it ā€“ write stuff, and see what comes out ā€“ have fun with it, and see if anything is worth showing and/or submitting, not the other way around. Perhaps I am too hung up on the publishing, prize, pay combination, which is prohibiting me from unleashing passion. The ā€œPā€ principles. So: Productivity + Passion + Precision + Persistence = Prize, Publication, and Pay! In other words, if I do it, things will eventually work out.

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