Would/Do you prefer a blunt or fairytale hemline for long hair?

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  • Jesus-in-the-City - 10 years ago

    This could be one of those subliminal things due to the nature of the article. I only have collar bone length hair (BSL in the back, longest layer) so I never really thought about this before). After reading the article, fairy tale ends seem nice, but if it had been an article espousing the pros of blunt ends, I might desire blunt ends more... I guess this just means I don't really have a strong opinion.

    Since I do to tend to have a more relaxed and whimsical style all-around, I feel like fairy tale ends would fit me better than blunt ones.

    I really just look forward to seeing if my hair will make it that long though! It's already as long as its ever been but I feel like whenever I gain length, I'm trimming, due to dry, crispy, tangly ends. My husband gets discouraged and says, how is it ever gonna get long if you keep trimming it, which seems true, but my super fine, porous 4a/b hair is just so fragile this is where I find myself sometimes. I've been fully natural since a 3-4 inch post transition chop a year and a few months ago, so not long into this natural journey, I suppose.

    I did just start to henna and do more dry finger detangling and put more time between wash days, which are my heaviest manipulation days, so we'll see!

    I really like your blog, Shelli! Just became a regular reader and glad I did and especially love that you're a sister in Christ and newly married! Me too! We're just under 2 and 1/2 years, with an 18 month old daughter and a baby boy on the way! Woohoo!!! :)

    All the best blessings to you and keep up the great work! Your hair is beautiful!


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