Do you believe that drug testing should be administered to those who receive welfare, unemployment benefits?


  • Ray - 11 years ago

    All you do by requiring drug testing for welfare recipients is confirm that drug testing for everyone is ok. Don't be so fast to give up your liberty to get revenge on others.

  • Dee - 11 years ago

    If I have to pass one to get a job, they need to pass one to get the money I pay in. If I have to pass RANDOM testing TO KEEP MY JOB, they need to pass randoms to keep their welfare. No persons not registered as a Legal or Permanant Resident Alien shall recieve any benifits as you have never paid a dime into this system.

  • Ray - 11 years ago

    Testing should only occur after accidents to determine fault and in cases where drug use is suspected.

  • Rick - 11 years ago

    Should also be required of anyone wanting to purchase a gun. And required of anyone running for or holding public office.

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