Do you do something to express yourself in some way other than speaking?

  • Madeline Alvarez - 9 years ago

    Its a feeling!! The most appealing feeling I get from David is his eyes, his look. His eyes express everything to me....I believe its called "kindness". My attraction to David is not only his voice, which is just "out of this world", but the feeling I get when all I have to do is look at him. I've followed many other singers or artists in my lifetime, and I'm always attracted to that same feel. I must admit that David is a special entertainer for me, because he pulls at my heart deeply. Thank you for your wonderful summation of your feelings for David.

  • Mspoohbear - 9 years ago

    Like David, I discovered my passion for singing at a very young age of 6 or 7. Although I hated the way my voice sound, it's the only way I can express myself. I have a phobia on speaking in public, my brain freezes or goes blank and voice doesn't come out. Yup, that was me in my younger years! However, my whole family loves music. My Mom sings really well, a brother used to be a lead singer in a band back in the Philippines, two sisters love to dance. All of my Mom's cousins on her Mom's side play instruments and sing really well. Before karaoke was invented, we sang accompanied by either a guitar or piano, -no microphones- during family gatherings which happened pretty often. Our love of music and singing has now extended down to our kids, nephews and nieces. It's a great feeling to be able to communicate thru music. It's a universal language!

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