What's In A Nickname? Everything In New Orleans ...

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Posted 6 years.

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  • Charles Inniss - 6 years ago

    Should copy Shaquille O'Neal on the history of the Pelican tie to the city and the state. On national TV he said he never saw a pelican in all the time he was at LSU. He even made a reference to Lakers vs Pelicans just did not sound like a favorable matchup in mascots. He does not know that the pelicans rule Lake Pontchatrain in New Orleans. They look like a squadron of bombers cruising the skies. That's like Charles Barkley saying during the all-star pregame one year that magenta is not a color (get that man a color wheel). Lakers came from Minnesota "land of a thousand lakes". You talk about duds for mascots try nets, spurs, pistons, knickerbockers, or in other sports penguins, blue jays, cardinals. The best choice would have been to get back the name that was stolen from the city by the then owners of the Jazz. ( the Utah fans should partition for a name chnage to break the Voodoo spell they are under; they will never when a championship as the Jazz.) That not being possible, Pelicans would be okay by me.

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