If he has not already been arrested by Sunday, should I name the Former Cabinet Minister who abused young boys ?


  • Susan - 10 years ago

    The sooner a bright light is shone in to the darkest corners of the murky perverts' world - The better

  • Tom Austin - 10 years ago

    Is there not now a reasonable head of steam built up for the Police to take this whole matter to Court in near future?
    What is to be gained by naming any of the 'suspects' before the Police have had the time to take this and other cases forward?
    I am as keen to see all of this out in the open as the next person, but I would not wish to give any of those that end up in the dock the least reason to complain of pre-trial interference.
    The very real threat of so called VIPs being named, should the authorities shy away from prosecution, could help tip the balance in favour of full official disclosure.

    Here's hoping that the time is not far off that we all get to the bottom of this, and that those responsible feel the full weight of the law. Nothing less will do.

  • derek gough - 10 years ago

    I hope that whoever it is that he will be named and that they get him to talk and tell us who the others are within the present government and get these vile people out of power even if it mean the fall of this shambles coalition.

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