How do you feel about poplar in your woodworking


  • O'Dell - 7 years ago

    ps. that was professional carpenter. not problem carpenter. hahaha. darn auto correct.

  • O'Dell - 7 years ago

    hi! I've been followingyour page for a long time. realize this thread is old but I just wanted to say something. I've been a problem carpenter for many years and just a year ago I started doing custom woodworking full time. I use poplar for all cabinet and furniture projects going to be painted. it makes foe a much better product than mdf and WAY more pleasant to work with. I also LOVE rainbow poplar. no other wood has the color. many times I have finished a piece and a client will go on and on about the beautiful colors, never realising that it's poplar. it is a HUGELY underrated wood species.

  • Uncle Stumpy - 9 years ago

    I absolutely love Rainbow Poplar (mineral stained poplar). I have used it on many projects including jewelry boxes. It works easily and with a gloss finish is pops like crazy.

  • Roger - 11 years ago

    I've got 1/2 ton of oak to get through first! Why buy poplar (expensive this side of the pond) when I've got that!

  • Ray - 11 years ago

    I would use poplar more if it was more consistent in it's finishing characteristics. The greens and browns just don't finish with any degree of certainty. You just never know what it's going to look like!!

  • Tom Pritchard - 11 years ago

    I use poplar for doing face frame on cabinets. I prefer it most because of cost and how nice it paints when I build cabinets.

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