Should the UK stay in or leave the EU?

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  • Chris Durban - 11 years ago

    Perhaps my vote shouldn't count as I am not British and do not live in the UK.
    However, professional translators -- especially, but not only, young ones -- have already lost out due to short-term decisions taken by UK politicians. Some of those politicans being sincere, no doubt, but many of them simply grandstanding (not to mention the ludicrous articles that appear on European subjects, usually written by monolingual, clueless journalists).
    E.g., look at all those interesting translation jobs with the EC going begging; they're recruiting heavily as their first wave of linguists reaches retirement age and heads off into the sunset, and the EC could really do with some top-level into-English candidates. Yet due to poor decisions in the past, UK candidates are hardly ever able to present the required two languages so... no luck there.
    OK, I realize that politicians and journalists in France, where I live, also have an agenda. But seen from the outside (of the UK), it is increasingly tempting to suggest that the rest of Europe be allowed to vote on whether or not they want to allow the UK to stay in. It takes so long to negotiate new directives in any case, and then -- the perception here is -- the British show up at the last minute, squawking once again for special deals right, left and center. (Do we all need this?).

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