As a 2012 season ticket holder, this year I plan on doing what?

  • LCR - 8 years ago

    Renewing. But it gets more and more difficult. I have GREAT seats and would hate to lose them. If not for that, I'd be long gone. That said, I do get to most of the games and have a hell of a time while I'm there. I also want to say that while my wife has lost interest, my 9yr old boy has become a huge fan. He's more fun than my wife, but can't drive home. There's always a trade off. Watching games sober has been a new and rewarding experience.

  • JDMartin - 8 years ago

    I am reluctantly renewing my season tickets, but only getting 1/2 as many. If the cupcake schedules don't change I'll be dropping them all. I love the game day experience, but at some point it just isn't worth it anymore.

  • Tony Spake - 8 years ago

    Sure we are renewing. As you know, there's nothing like a Saturday in Sanford Stadium. Only thing we are unsure about is we might purchase bowl tickets on the open market rather than getting them through the school.

  • WT - 8 years ago

    Renewing, but *then* selling them on the secondary market. I'm not able to make it to all the games (2 kids under 2 at home this fall!) but I want to hold onto the tickets for the long haul. I can usually sell them for enough to cover my investment. Last year was a notable exception... :(

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