Do you think the judge is right to ban Taylor from having children for the next five years?


  • Vanessa - 11 years ago

    I am torn about child support. I somewhat think its wrong . I have a two year old son and I don't have his dad on child support just my feelings on it men who have shared custtdoy sometimes have to pay it I .......don't see what that is about my dad had to pay and they had shared custody wtd

  • Toni - 11 years ago

    I'm with Nikki on this. This is an excellent idea as it should be applied to both men and women. Mike (not sure what drug you were smoking, sniffing, or shooting when you typed that comment but...), housing assistance and food stamps are available for everyone from the "White Daddy" you speak of. I know men that work 2, 3 jobs but still need government assistance just to make ends meet b/c the mother is deceased, jailed, whatever. Same goes for women. Not to mention, that "black bitch" road you riding on can also be acknowledged by whites, asian, hispanics, etc. PLEASE....... don't show your ignorance to the truth with ebonics and foul language. It's not becoming of you.... or maybe it is.

  • nikki - 11 years ago

    I think both men and women should get this sentencing. Be stable if your going to start making a family. Be more responsible.

  • Mike - 11 years ago

    Why no judges ever consider making this option available to these nasty hair hatted hood rat black bitches? Shouldn't a woman who needs child support be jailed also? Ass backwards system. Man can't/don't pay child support we go to jail. A woman can't afford a child, her white daddy step in and pay her. The more kids black bitches have the more the system pays her. Fucked up world.

  • phil - 11 years ago

    Fuck child support

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