Is The "Get Happy" Ad Offensive?


  • gloria - 9 years ago

    your a bunch of white boiz

  • Winston - 10 years ago

    Val...big up!

    Mi like whey yuh say...dem nuh know how we go!

  • Winston - 10 years ago

    I am from Jamaica and I don't find anything wrong with this commercial! Yow brethren, if you nuh like di commercial, nuh watch it man...jus leave de room or turn off di tv! What will you all do when you come to Jamaica and see the white skinned people of St. Elizabeth talking patois...or the chineese Jamaican higgler in the market asking you "what yuh waan"? If we like it, if we don't complain, if we laugh at it and enjoy it, so should you. Don't worry,

  • scott - 10 years ago


  • Andrea - 10 years ago

    You know America is so uptight. Its destroying everyone's feeling come on this commercial is cute and I don't see anything wrong with it. Why does everyone have to be like this. At least its positive and and the co workers are getting along.

  • Moe - 10 years ago

    Thank you Val... Any one offended by this commercial needs to read a book... Jamaica is a country and a nationality, not a race. Just like America is a country and American is a nationality, not a race. There are plenty of white jamaicans that have heavier accents than bob marley him self... That fact that this was even an issue to talk about or a topic of discussion to begin with blows my mind, and really shows the IQ levels of the world we live in today. READING IS FUNDAMENTAL PEOPLE!! try it some day!!

  • georgejr - 10 years ago

    its cute

  • Val - 10 years ago

    Jamaica's motto is out of many one people, we have Whites,Blacks,Chinese,Indians,Europeans all nations living there and inter marrying, my ex is Chinese, my son is half Chinese, I am of white and black heritage, so being a Jamaican I Absolutely Love this AD and I am so proud to see it....I love it!!! There is no racism in this's a pleasure to watch and listen...Jamaicans love it!!!!! And we are happy so many people worldwide love our native language....

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