Do you think Applebees was right to fire the waitress?


  • Danielle - 11 years ago

    The waitress deserved what she got. Sure, the pastor was being rude and stingy (and her comment didn't make sense - you give 10% of your ENTIRE EARNINGS to God, not 10% of a teensy food payment), but Chelsea should have posted JUST the comment, not the name. She has ruined this poor pastor's credibility in her job just because the woman had a bad day and wrote one nasty comment. Isn't it fair that Chelsea should also lose her job for her one mistake?

  • GramaM - 11 years ago

    Everyone has lost here. Pastor Bell has lost credibility with her congregation, Chelsea has lost her job,Applebees has lost a tremendous amount of business. Noone has won. Solution; Applebees needs to request Ms. Bell and Chelsea get together with their management staff and each apologize for their part in this. That would include the menager admitting diciplinary action should have been handled differently,Ms. Bell admitting she should have demanded action but not to the extreme of firing the staff and Chelsea admitting she should have been more discreet by blocking out the Pastor Alois Bell's name and her employers name on the ticket before posting it anywhere if she were doing it for fun. Applebees is the one who will suffer the most over all this. GOD's response would be for everyone to forgive each other. LEARN from this! All of you concerned say you're sorry.

  • Lawrence in PHX - 11 years ago

    Chelsea will land on her feet. Applebee's doesn't deserve her working for them. She'll find somewhere else to work. As for the so-called pastor, the woman is an embarrassment to Christians everywhere. A real Christian would never act a fool like she did, then demand that everyone gets fired because of her own stupidity. She only has her own selfishness to blame. I mean, you can't pay a lousy $6 tip for someone to take care of you and your kids? What a terrible, terrible human being.

  • Mike - 11 years ago

    I would like to start out by saying that I have found the food that Applebees serves to be utterly disgusting and not fit to feed a wild animal. Secondly, the self proclaimed/so called "Pastor" should have taken up her disagreement with the auto gratuity with management. I have a worked in a restaurant for over 5 years and know for a fact a manager would remove an auto gratuity if a guest requested it. I find the comment left on the bill to be a cowardly way of being cheap and backing out of a small tip. I mean come on. $6 on $36? I don't personally believe that this lady is sorry for having this young girl fired at all which is baffling if this lady really does spread the good word to others. Instead she is regretful of all the lost donations to her cult church as a result of the members finally seeing this lady's true colors. If this lady is truly sorry and wants to make up for this, she should admit she was wrong (using God as an excuse not to tip) and request the server get her job back. Afterall, this girl would still have her job if this "Pastor" never wrote such a ridiculous comment on her check. Just my two cents.

  • Eric - 11 years ago

    For get to your 10 % an I bet u get phone call or pull to the side afther church

  • Killroy - 11 years ago

    Too bad there's no Applebee's here to boycot....

  • JQ7 - 11 years ago

    The waitress in question should have been fired because she was not the customers server,so she had nothing to do with someone elses customer.I keep hearing about how many people were being served,if it was 10 or 1oo she wasn't their server ,but a 3rd party smart aleck . She couldn't resist the opportunity to post it so there you have it chop chop. She shoud have been thinking about her 3 children and her job,for every action there's a reaction,some are called consequences. Often wisdom comes with a price.

  • COLIN - 11 years ago

    Young Chelsea broke the rules .It cant be right that because you are miffed you post things on social media .

  • Mr. Ed - 11 years ago

    If it is true that Applebees posts favorable comments left by customers, yet fired an employee for posting a negative comment, then I believe Applebees must rehire the fired employee and pay her for missing back work.
    Policy should not be discretionary, a good lawyer with some spare time should be able to get her job back just on the merits of this information alone.

    The pastor who sat 10 people on that table is cheap.
    You don't give god 10%, you give 100%.
    For $35 , and for 10 people, 5 of which are kids is cheaper than McDonalds.
    The pastor should request the employee get her job back and go back to her silly god.

  • Newbie2 - 11 years ago

    For those saying that Chelsea should have been fired for posting the receipt in violation of Applebee's policy, Applebee's violated there own policy many times by posting receipts on their facebook page showing compliments written on receipts with the customer's full name shown. Who got fired for those violations?!?

  • GeeGee - 11 years ago

    Not only cheap, but vindictive. . . Demanding Applebee's fire ALL staff involved. Storefront porkchop scammer; love to get a look at your "ministry's" balance sheet.

  • GeeGee - 11 years ago

    Not only cheap, but vindictive. . . Demanding Applebee's fire ALL staff involved. Storefront porkchop scammer; love to get a look at your "ministry's" balance sheet.

  • Bluegirl - 11 years ago

    They keep reiterating that the waitress that took the picture n got fired was not the woman who served. The woman who served has not been identified.

  • Big tipper - 11 years ago

    Religon is the BIGGEST scam ever. If there was no money involved it would just disappear.

  • Fishinguy88 - 11 years ago

    She needs to take her case to the US Labor board,she has a. Case based on her first amendment rights,and possibly a civil suit.

  • Pastor cheap rude dog - 11 years ago

    18% gratuity is included for parties of 6 or more and its stated right on the menus. If u can't afford to go out and tip then stay home. That pastor was way out of line... It's like ordering a $45 filet and then saying its too expensive and you won't pay it ?? It wasn't a damn question it was a summarized bill and that pastor was responsible for paying it

  • Kim - 11 years ago

    I'm sorry, but I don't believe the pastor. If she left the tip, its because she was embarrass. I understand about privacy. The waitress knew what she was doing, she wanted to bring humility to her and she did. Pastor Bell you should be ashamed of yourself. I'm sure you guys really worked her and couldn't even pay her for her services. I hope you don't get your tithes/offering, and see how it feels. Shame on you.

  • Eddy Ortiz - 11 years ago

    I am a Christian. I go to church each Lord's Day and read & believe God's Word.

    It saddens me when I see people like this "pastor" bring such shame to Christianity. She should have simply paid the automatic tip and if she didn't like / agree: Shut up and go elsewhere next time. Or she could have spoke quietly to the waitress or management about her concern. Or crossed off the automatic tip and just left some cash on the table.

    But no. She had to be a pompous ass and write a rude message. She had to denigrate the worker who, I am sure, had a rough time waiting on five adults and five children. How well behaved were those children? I bet they weren't "little angels".

    Applebee's should NOT have fired the worker who was already insulted and wounded by a fake and pompous Pharisee of a "minister".

  • Mike - 11 years ago

    If you can't tip stay at home and eat its cheaper. I hope this bell chick chokes on a fucking happy meal.

  • Martin - 11 years ago

    What the f--k is the point of inviting readers to participate in a f--king poll and then display the message "Results for this poll have been set to private" when the reader has voted? F--k off!

  • Mzz TLove - 11 years ago

    I agree with her being fired, and am saddened to think that the server thought this made for a good joke, especially when employee's have to know how much their facebook and other internet usage is being monitored ( job wise ) I heard the story on the news and the pastor states she left the tip in CASH on the table.. So I don't blame her for expressing her feelings.

    I use to be a waitress, and I know first hand how some customers can be. But regardless of that, your first job is to serve the customer, with respect. And do all you can to try and secure the tip but all during the interaction PRAY because with any customer black, white, or any other race. There are those who will not tip PERIOD...

  • Jonathon Edwards - 11 years ago

    I'm a pastor. And I waited tables while in seminary. The server was right. The 'pastor' and Applebees were wrong. End of discussion.

  • Dawn - 11 years ago

    That "pastor" is a pig. She wouldn't have done that to a black waitress/waiter. She shouldn't have written that on the receipt if she didn't want it all over the internet. Way to go, to the waitress who put it out there for all to see!!

  • ericka - 11 years ago

    I agree Erin. Company policy rules. However what law says you have to tip? What if the waitress doesn't deserve a tip? What then? Should we be forced to tip them? What if a person doesn't have enough for a tip? All nonsense

  • Kirsten - 11 years ago

    Black people don't tip!!!!

  • Mykal - 11 years ago

    please. this is ridiculous.

    Chelsea should have gotten a minor scolding for posting this and reminded not to post information about transactions between customers and the restaurant. It was not clear who the offender was until Bell showed up.

    Bell's apology rings hollow and false. The reason I don't believe her? Her phone call to the restaurant to demand the wait staff be dismissed. If she had a shred of human decency, that never would have happened, she'd have stuck with her embarrassment and explaining she had not intended to humiliate her ministry (false though I think that is too). I don't believe her either about leaving $6 in cash since she was angry enough to write out her little message.

    I also question why she was so hostile about giving a tip in the first place. Certainly she knows what a waitress earns is not sufficient to live on without good tips. Her excuses are nonsense. Applebees's dismissal of the waitress is also excessive.

  • Do unto others as you'd have them do to you. - 11 years ago

    If Bell didn't want to leave the 'customary' tip, then maybe she should go to a fast-food restaurant next time. As a matter of fact, since the Server was fired, why wasn't this witch (Bell) restricted from ever entering an Applebees restaurant ever again? It takes two to Tango after all!

  • James - 11 years ago

    @Erin so un notarized Applebee's contracts trump whistle blower protection laws this "pastor " ministers to 15 people and is mean sounds like someone's taking advantage of tax laws for personal gain that is very Christian like

  • James - 11 years ago

    No personal information was given the woman went out of her way to be rude how someone can say publicizing someone's name (a public figure pastor at that) is opening her up too identity theft is amazing and if u think that's how Id theft works get a name and kno they don't tip at Applebee's then good luck with your life of horribly unprofitable crimes.

  • Lulu - 11 years ago

    As a Christian who tithes I am horrified by the Pastor's actions, which show a complete lack of grace and a failure to comprehend the very clear message set forth in Matthew 23:23, "Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your spices—mint, dill and cumin. But you have neglected the more important matters of the law—justice, mercy and faithfulness. You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former." I did want to clarify one point though--the tip she left ($6.29) was on her share of the bill (her share was $34.93), not the total bill. The bill had been split for each member of the party. So she did leave the 18%, but in a very mean spirited and uncalled for manner. That said, we all struggle to overcome flaws in our character. Pastor Bell needs to make it right with Chelsea by offering a heartfelt apology and either getting her the Applebee's job back or helping her get a better one.

  • Erin - 11 years ago

    I work at Applebee's, I have for over a year now. And she deserves to be fired. When we get hired we sign a bunch of paperwork. One of the papers we sign says that we will not post or discuss anything negative about our workplace or the company online. So whether Chelsea's intentions were good or not is irrelevant. Whether the Pastor was out of line or not is irrelevant. By posting that picture online Chelsea broke the rules that were clearly stated on a paper she signed when she was hired, and on said paper it clearly says that breaking it results in termination.

  • Gina - 11 years ago

    This pastor is only heartbroken because she got called out. This is all on the pastor. 8 people and all the server gets is $6.00?!? And you're going to complain about it. When I use to serve all of us always hated working Sundays because of the church crowd. This explains why! She even signed it pastor! So she knew what she was doing. She wanted the server and restaurant to see. If you don't want to tip, don't go to a place that people are serving you. Sad that this mother of 3 was fired over some self righteous, "god serving" woman! Shame on Applebee's!

  • unknown - 11 years ago

    Im a waitress! so i understand chelsea! We work our asses off and most ofthe time get treated like we arent even human. We do everything you ask, get everything you need to barely get 10 percent and only make minimum wage with no benefits. That pastor is a disgrace and im so glad she showed her true colors. Is that the pastor you want to take life advice from or any advice to make yourself better?! And APPLEBEES! way to go! another way to make your company even worse than it is now! How are they still open? I refuse to go to applebees and never will again. Thats how you treat your employees who work hard for your company? Pastor deserves everything she gets. You get what you put out.

  • latonya hamilton - 11 years ago

    I am a waitress and I so understand where Chelsea was coming from. I see no wrong in what she did we as servers are so under paid and our employers knows this customer treat us horribly and management does nothing so Chelrsa you did no wrong in my book

  • Sharon - 11 years ago

    Perhaps God told Chelsea to show the world what a hypocrite this pastor is! I think Pastor Bell needs to do some praying for guidance after this incident.

  • AFJ - 11 years ago

    The Pastor should have paid the tip yes, but the employee had no right to post that picture. God does not want us Christians going into places like this causing problems. The Bible is structured and Christianity teaches us how to develop great relationships with those in our community. At the same time the waitress should not have posted that to social media. She has opened up the door for identify theft for this woman. They were both wrong. Where I come from two wrongs don't make a right.

  • Jordan - 11 years ago

    Pastor sounds like an utter wind bag. I'm sure the bill was a hell of a lot higher and it got split between some of the adults, but still as a pastor you should want nothing and give everything. horrible service or not she just got an employee fired for her righteous writing. On the other hand the waitress was dumb enough to include a store ID and guest signature on her post so it all evens out.

  • Karen - 11 years ago

    Chelsea Welch didn't deserve to be fired, according to the opinion of thousands of posters on Applebee's Facebook page, myself included. Damn right we're angry! Damn right we're going to think twice before having our next meal at Applebee's! Instead of eating at Applebee's let's do something positive for Chelsea Welch.

    An indiegogo campaign has been set up for her - "Assist Chelsea Welch." What Chelsea really needs is enough money to pay next month's rent and bills so she can find another job. Together, we can make that happen for her. Even if Applebee's rehired her and paid her for time lost she still only makes about $3/hr. Chances are, she wouldn't want the job back. She's been humiliated.

    We show her support online, and that's great! Let's make a real difference in Chelsea's life. Let's stand up for Chelsea and every waiter or waitress whose been stiffed. If everyone chips in a little, it can make a big difference.

    Donations to assist Chelsea Welch can be made by going to indiegogo dot com and doing a search for "Assist Chelsea Welch." Please share Chelsea's assistance campaign.

    If the best you can do is a dollar, so be it! Every dollar counts!

  • Brod5683 - 11 years ago

    I think that Pastor got what she deserved. You're telling me that five adults couldn't pitch in to pay a six dollar tip without complaining. Seriously the bill was 35 dollars for ten people, that's ridiculously cheap. And then she called and demanded EVERYONE get fired for it. What happened to Christian Forgiveness? Bell claims she found God while she was homeless, yet after going through all that she obviously doesn't care if someone else ends up homeless because she demanded them fired. It's exactly people like her that give Christians a bad name. As for Applebees? Well I'm boycotting. They should stand behind their employees in times like this. Yes, the waitress should have blocked out the customer's name on the receipt, but firing her just reinforces the idea that people can treat their servers horribly without and consequence.

  • Cat lover - 11 years ago

    I don't blame the waitress for posting the rude woman's note. But posting the rude woman's name/personal info was wrong. Hope everyone learns from this. Meanwhile, servers deserve better! Waiting on 5 adults and 5 kids takes tremendous patience and a lot of time and skill. How was the service Pastor Bell? How would you feel about serving 10 people and getting a $6.50 tip? Practice what you preach!

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