Where is your workshop located?


  • Parker - 10 years ago

    My shop is in a small attached garage. All of my tools are on wheels so I can work outside on a 25'x25' concrete pad. I even have an assembly table on wheels. The weather is South Carolina is mild enouigh all winter to work outside, and after 45 years in SC, I am not bothered by the summer heat. All cutting and sanding is done outside, but finishing is done inside the garage.

  • Gator Ray - 10 years ago

    Many years ago, I started in the garage. Later during a house remodel where we added a 14 X 34 addition to the house, I wound up with a 14 X 24 dedicated shop (my wife kept the other 10' !!). When we decided to relocate, one priority was to find a lot that would allow a separate building for my shop. As a result, my wife has a new 2000+ sq. ft. home and I have a new 24 X 36 shop to spend my retirement in. Life is GOOD!!!!!!!

  • Terry Pallone - 10 years ago

    All tools are in the garage on casters. All tools are moved into driveway for any work.
    It can take longer to set up tools than to do a small project.

  • Mike Kratky - 10 years ago

    My vehicles haven't seen the shelter of my garage/workshop for over 10 years and since then I've added 2 additional storage sheds for wood and they are full too, the good news is that my wife stays out.

  • Jack in TN - 10 years ago

    I have a un-conditioned outbuilding. So for the winter I am consuming a part of the laundry area, to my patient wife's chagrin.

  • Gene - 10 years ago

    I use both the basement and the garage. The garage houses my Table Saw, Radial Arm Saw and compressor (I run a line from the garage into the basement). My Basement is where I keep my Router Table, Drill Press, Jointer, Band Saw, Lathe, Sanding Station , Chop Saw and Workbench. I also have a Dust Collector in the utility room with lines running into the rest of the basement to service each tool

  • Rapid Roger - 10 years ago

    I voted "garage" but, really it is a separate shop attached to the garage and house.
    I pretty much LIVE in it as I have heat, AC, TV, beer box and computer as well as my wood working tools and, I'm retired. :)


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