Should a flag have been thrown on the 49ers' final offensive play?

  • smassa - 9 years ago

    the ball WAS catchable folks!!! It would have been right in his hands IF he WAS NOT HELD

  • anthony - 9 years ago

    The more I read ppls comments the more I c what u don't know bout football. Yes my comments and opinions r bias. That being said check the rule book. Yes pass interference the ball has to b catchable. No on holding does not matter. Will or would the refs make that call? Hell no! Why? They don't have the balls. For what? They won't take the blame. Now go back n time to the 2000 something championship game. Ohio state/miami. Ken Dorsey was the qb for the U n Maurice Clarret was the the rb for Ohio State. Check that phantom call. Now tell me Ohio State won? No that was a bs call. So now the refs scared to make a decisive decision. They want the teams to determine the outcame. Does that make it right? Absolutley not. Niners lost. Should they have got the call n another 4 dows? Absolutley. That's football. Make a play leave the refs out of it. Botttom line that's football. Disappointed? Yes. Good game with a bs ending!!

  • anthony - 9 years ago

    Bad call!! Holding is holding does not matter if the ball was catchable or not. That applies to pass interference for u uneducated football fans. At the end of the day we (49ers) had 4 chances to score. So we had all the opportunity to make a play. Can't blame the refs. If u wanna point the blame do so at the offensive coordinator. Why didn't kap run that pistol run option? Unstoppable that's the niners strength yet they decided to throw 3 times to crabtree. Vernon and or moss would have been a better choice. Yet kap up the gut whould have got it done.

  • Margaret - 9 years ago

    49ers were robbed!!!

  • Randy Alan Brown - 9 years ago

    I believe that the SF 49ers should have thrown a flag on the offensive play.

  • Ace - 9 years ago

    I noticed that the poll question does not match the author's question. In fact it is the opposite! Talk about misleading and unscientific.

  • Ace - 9 years ago

    Both sides routinely cheat. Players on both sides routinely take PEDs. And this non-call was dead wrong. It was definitely catchable if he hadn't been held all along the way. Perhaps he pushed off, but he was being held and that is the only way you play through that situation. Would you rather he flop? The most annoying thing to me is not that the call was missed, but rather that the call was non-reviewable. Why are penalties non-reviewable? Are we sending the message that the refs are above the law? What about the fact that there are several instances recently when referees in different sports were found to be corrupted by the influence of money, like the basketball ref who was taking money to skew ball games. If you want fair play and lack of corruption, let the coach be able to throw a yellow (or green.. whatever) flag twice or more in a game. Let his call be reviewed and allowed to stand or declined by instant replay. The point of instant replay is that refs occasionally get it wrong. So let instant replay apply to penalties. Why not?

  • Vic - 9 years ago

    I am from the "left coast", but I like both teams, and I am a fan of Joe Flacko. It was a bad call. There is no doubt. It was a great game, but there were several bad calls. I understand that fans get blinded by preferences and can rationalize just about anything, but that does not change what is right in front of your face, nor does it help the game. Grow up and try a little honesty. It's good for the soul.

  • Mike - 9 years ago

    Good no call. From what I could see you could have made 3 calls on the play. 1) Offensive pass-interference for the push off, 2) Not catchable as the ball was way out of bounds or 3) Defensive holding/pass-intereference. At full speed, I think the no-call was correct.

  • Bob Conway - 9 years ago

    I can see by the vote that most of these fans are from the left coast and therefore 49ers fans.
    Lets look at the facts. 1,) The 49ers are a very good team and arguably just as good as the Ravens.
    That said, they throughout the playoffs both against Atlanta and Baltimore decided not to start the game as scheduled, or at least played that way. Maybe during the last couple games the 49ers Public office got the game start time wrong, by their lackluster start in both games. Whatever the reason the 49ers did not start playing their game until it was too late (against Baltimore) and almost too late against Atlanta. Blame: 49ers. 2.) There were only 7 total penalty's in the game, meaning the refs were "letting them play". So for all those who believe that the refs caused the 49ers to lose, your dead wrong!! If you choose to go tit for tat, Lets talk about the non call on Joe Flacco out-of bounds which if called would have resulted in a first and goal for the Ravens. The bottom line the refs did a consistantly good job. Blame: 49ers.

  • sode - 9 years ago

    makes NO difference now.............

  • Steve - 9 years ago

    That referee should get fired for screwing up that call

  • sherry - 9 years ago

    I can see there are a lot of 9er haters in here. was a bad call.....and so was the holding on number 29 (I think it was) when he was about to get at the Ravens punter....But like somone else said, the 9ers have to play 4 quarters -- because in the end it was them against the Ravens and the Refs -- leave no room for BS like this next year. Handle your business from beginning to end.....And now the Ray Lewis Love Fest Begins -- GMAFB

  • Mike - 9 years ago

    There were many non calls which went in the Ravens favor, Reed was off sides several times(not called), many fights or hits to the helmet after the play by the Ravens(not called), holding on Jones kick off return TD(not called), and now the infamous holding on Crabtree (not called) , replacement refs with a new full time job, is this football or media at its best?

  • Rich - 9 years ago

    Rather than ask users, most of which are biased in their answer, why don't you call in a real expert, and have him analyze the questionable ( or mostly non - calls). The refs had several, based upon replays watched by the analytical, fair, football geeks I watched the game with. Not all bad calls were on SF, but more of them were. Had the last one alone been called, 5 yards and an automatic first down would have given 4 more shots to the 49ers, giving a high probability of a win.

    Shouldn't the Superbowl have the best of the best referees from the NFL for the most important game? Turns out Jerome Boger was not. His qualification is he was quiet about the NFL using scabs during the strike, unlike a certain better, more experienced head ref who was vocal. Yeah, the Ravens won, but It leaves a bad taste in the mouth for SF fans when it wasn't just the team's performance to blame.

  • Carol - 9 years ago

    It was blatant pass interference. The survey here shows that over 62% of us feel it was interference. It was just as bad as the touchdown call that the Seahawks 'made' against the Packers early in the season...NOT!

    There are always going to calls missed but it's a real shame when it comes at the most critical time of the game. I agree that the play calling should have been better but the fact remains there should have been 4 more downs for the Niners.

    BTW...neither the Ravens or Niners are my favorite team so I'm not whining...just had to see a game like that go out on a bad call.

  • Jeremiah Johnson - 9 years ago

    I think all the Forty-Whiner fans should blame Karma and bad play calling. What about the hold at Atlanta on 4th down that was a no call? Why call 4 passes in a row? They lost the game,fair and square! Oh,and shut up about having to play the refs! Every Year the losers say that same thing "T"!!! Go look hard enough and you will find holding on every play!

  • Cam - 9 years ago

    There are so many reasons why that flag SHOULDN'T have been thrown it astounds me that people are saying it was defensive pass. One, if you're going to say that what the Baltimore Ravens defender (can't recall his name) did was defensive pass, then at the same time all of the contact initiated by Crabtree would be able to draw an offensive pass flag, meaning they more or less equally fought for the ball, and therefore no flag should be thrown. Two, there's a rule with defensive pass interference that says if the ball is uncatchable then there can be no flag for defensive pass. Kaepernick's pass was not a catchable ball, it was way too high, therefore, no flag should be thrown. Legit no call. Ravens win the Superbowl and there's NO way it should be "marred in controversy".

  • T - 9 years ago

    Face it the refs let the Ravens play and didn’t let the 49ers play it's just that simple. From the very first play of the game you knew Roger and Ed had already decided who would win and if you don't think so then you’re just as big an idiot as all those fools that think it wasn't holding on Crabtree in the end-zone! Ravens get the trophy and a Superbowl win marred in controversy. The 49ers had to beat two teams on Sunday and unfortunately the other team on the field that day was not going to have any part of it. Go back and a look at the game film on the kickoff return for the touchdown and tell me what you see the Ravens doing to number 46?

  • bobg - 9 years ago

    It was a hold and the previous play was the type of helmet to helmet hit that has been called all season. Should have been first and goal on the one yard line.

  • bobg - 9 years ago

    It was a hold and the previous play was the type of helmet to helmet hit that has been called all season. Should have been first and goal on the one yard line.

  • ladyrae - 9 years ago

    Stop whining; 49ers got back what they dished out too!!! They didnt get flagged like they should have either!! I guess turning the lights out didnt help them win after all!!!! Flag that. Go ravens

  • Phil - 9 years ago

    Another non-call by the referees. Definitely pass interference. But four pass plays in a row? Seems like Harbaugh was betting on the call. Wouldn't you think? They were too close for pass plays. Not enough room for receivers to get open!

  • Paula Englert - 9 years ago

    The ball could have been caught if Smith had not slowed Crabtree down by hanging onto his jersey. It was a blatant offense and a flag should have been thrown. I couldn't believe they let it go.

  • Senior - 9 years ago

    Multiple interferences should've been flagged but it's the stripes are mostly one sided in the superbowls. 49er made too many mistakes especially in the 1st half and the referees help the 49ers out of the win that was clearly belonged to them.

  • jeff - 9 years ago

    Should have been is what it is.

  • dennis leamy - 9 years ago

    No its is the ref call,plus the ball was coming down in white zone making a catch hard

  • Dennis - 9 years ago

    Smith was crinkling Crabtree's jersey he was holding onto him so hard. It is in playback and easily visible. Bad REF non-call. A Total Game Changer. This alone cost Jim the game.

  • Ruff - 9 years ago

    Both players were pushing so it equals out. Watch the replay. Although not related, it was a bad throw anyways.

  • Clyde - 9 years ago

    Just another chance for harbaugh (jim) to whine or wine

  • jake - 9 years ago

    well you can see who bet on who

  • frank - 9 years ago

    The niners put themselves at a loss when they had to play catch up...Baltimore took the lead early,and ran with it...

  • jeff - 9 years ago

    I think it was a missed call. But I think it was a bad play call. I think you need to blame that loss on the coach.

  • Leroy - 9 years ago

    Yes it was pass interference just like it was another pass interference by the 49ers earlier in the game that was not called either and the birds had to punt or that would have been a 1st down. So the Ravens got robbed earlier in the game and Frisco at the end so it's a wash.

  • bobbysherrer - 9 years ago

    I think it was past interference

  • bob - 9 years ago

    It think that if was pass interference on Baltimore, if was a fixed game, because it was ray Lewis last, or he says, I think he will be back next season.

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