Should a 7-year-old be suspended from school for activities in an imaginary 'save the world' game?


  • JIMMY MOON - 11 years ago

    If that was my friends and myself in school during the 60's and 70's, we would have been suspended for life. We always took pocket knives to school. No one said a word unless you carved your name on the desk. Then you got a paddling, not a beating. And yes we deserved a good butt whooping. But we didn't kill our classmates or anything like that. Also we had morals taught to us at home and in school. Not like the garbage today. To the seven year old boy, KEEP playing save the world. You will grow up too soon and life really goes down hill then.

  • Dear Megan - 11 years ago

    I find it interesting your demonizing of this young boy's mother, via google as you felt was so necessary to state your position, seemed to have no bearing whatsoever on the issue at hand. Was the point of airing this woman's dirty laundry to discredit her, or even more importantly, are you suggesting that her young son was not wronged? I find it interesting that that those who you utilize the "apple does not fall from the tree" are perhaps the harshest judges of all and tend to be in positions of authority. You should be ashamed of yourself for equating the "sins of the mother with the sins of the son." Put down your crystal ball, reach out to those in need", ( here's some ideas...I oromise they won't hurt you...homeless veterans, soup kitchens, The Boys and Girls Club, and migrant workers). Oh, by they way pick up that big fat bible and knock the hell right out of yourself you hypocrite.

  • Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger - 11 years ago


    Should paranoid schizophrenics, who mistake imaginary grenades thrown into imaginary boxes in games of Save The (Imaginary) World at recess for the real thing and suspend a creative child for violent behavior, be left unattended to psychologically abuse children in their care?

    - Yes. Violence is violence even when it isn't. We should just castrate little boys during first-grade in-processing and be done with it.

    - No. WTF is Valerie Lara-Black doing off her meds and out of the hospital?

    - Maybe. It depends if it was a regular pretend grenade, or an imaginary thermonuclear hand grenade. Unless he was pretending to be a Torrance PD officer taking out a newspaper carrier.

    - No Opinion. Yet; I'm still waiting for Oprah to tell me what I should think.

  • Jim - 11 years ago

    It is time so-called Administrators grew up and started learning about the real world. Their actions reflect a deep-seated psychological hatred of Children expressed in the form of bullying. It is time for them to be removed and rational, intelligent people put in their places.

  • Tim - 11 years ago

    This is the "Fortress America" mentality at its worst. It's a mentality that seeks to take every possible form of risk out of life. Hey, don't breathe in - you might choke. What also bothers me is that the nation with the strongest Bill of Rights in history does not extend those rights to children. No right of appeal, you can count on that. And then we wonder why kids drop out of school in later years. Idiocy. The only advice I can give him and his parents is "Nolite Illegitima Carborundum". (Principal: look it up - it's Latin.)

  • Megan - 11 years ago

    Rules are rules. Whether the rule is stupid or not is irrelevant. This gross media attention is not the way to get the rule changed. Her son broke the rule and should be the one who is accepting the punishment. Instead, the rest of the students and staff of this school are suffering! Also, before we all side with this mother...maybe look into her history. Google her name & see what you come up with...arson in 2009, attempted insurance fraud, unemployment fraud, and, and identity theft!!! We should definitely look to a mother like that to set an example on how to parent our kids!!!!

  • Gary - 11 years ago

    Wonder how many students would have been dispended during WWII when every boy wanted to be the hero that defeated Hitler... My God it's 1984 for real the thought police are watching

  • Patrick Ian Phillips, Esq - 11 years ago

    Where the hell are all the people who voted yes? I want to know their thoughts.

  • anna - 11 years ago

    I'm "left wing" but this is gross stupidity. Kids should be able to play, have fights, have play guns, esp. water guns. Playing solider and cops and robbers is a healthy normal activity. Better then indoor electronic games.

  • Chris - 11 years ago

    The government school has violated the child's First Amendment right of free speech under color of law.
    Sec. 1983 of the Civil Rights Act provides civil remedies for such violations.
    The parents can sue the school.
    Sec. 1988 provides for payment of the parents' attorney fees by the government school, if the parents win.

  • amy - 11 years ago

    This saddens me to see how our society is over-reacting to tragedy and in the process demoralizing our boys. Do we want to raise boys who grow up to fear facing evil? Do we want boys who are taught that imaginary play, being a hero, defending and protecting people is evil or wrong? These boys are being boys. They are practicing and learning what it means to be courageous and to be willing to fight a good fight. Sure, there are the boys who become violent, but it's not because they played imaginary heroes. In fact, the boys who become violent are often the boys who were made to feel insignificant, helpless, weak, and the bad guy. If we want to raise a generation of men with courage and men who will be heroes, then we must encourage that type of attitude through play and imagination. If you want a generation of men who are spineless, weak of character, full of anger, then you must squash their heroic ambitions and treat them as imbeciles and crooks.

  • Truthiness - 11 years ago

    YES - but only if he loses the game.

  • Terry - 11 years ago

    People better wake up, are school's are being controlled by the same left wing idiot's, that are running our country. No wonder are kid's are so screwed up and on meds, they haven't got a chance with the fool's that are teaching them. God have mercy on this country, common sense has left the earth.

  • Bill - 11 years ago

    This is a nutshell of what is wrong with this country. No self expression, no imagination, sheep being led to the slaughter. Get a mind people!

  • Bob - 11 years ago

    Has the left lost it's mind?
    Government is entirely to involved in running our lives already, can not believe that they are trying to program our children too.
    Look at history people and see what Hitler tried to do.

  • Linda Vinson - 11 years ago

    How ridiculous the school rules/administrators are. do they really think it's a good thing to teach our children to not fight, ever, for any reason, than to teach them what is worth fighting for, how to fight properly and when it's appropriate to fight.
    Oh, right. That's not the school's right/job/responsibility to teach these things to our children. It is the parents' right/job/responsibility/duty. The school needs to get themselves out of the way and allow me to do my job without interference.

  • Loveland resident - 11 years ago

    I am now disappointed to be part of this community. I am ashamed to think we allowed these kind of wackos to be placed in a position of trust in a community I am part of. I feel betrayed by the people we trusted to hire for that position. When my kid gets to the age for school, homeschool...because i can no longer trust the system here.

  • Paula - 11 years ago

    I Know if it were my child I would pull him from that school and Home school.The School loses money and If they Don't want Our Future Soldiers there than they need to close there doors or Go to Another country!!!

  • not4hire - 11 years ago

    Seems like a violation of this childs constitutional right to free speech in a public place.

  • Mary - 11 years ago

    I AM OFFENDED AT OUR SOCIETY!!! We Adults need to let our children live WITH AN IMAGINATION AND CREATIVE PLAY!!! Then as they grow and mature they may be in touch with their emotions, ideas, and become INNOVATIVE IN THEIR THOUGHTS! EVERYTHING WE USE AS A PRODUCT; BUILDING; OR TOOL HAS STARTED FROM SOMEONES IMAGINATION!!! Even our HEROS AND PROTECTORS in the Military started their tours IMAGINING GREATER THINGS FOR OUR NATION AND PEOPLE. Honestly, I am appauled at our society...I am passionate that people (especially children) should NEVER be muted for the use of their imagination; spirt; or visions when other haven't been harmed. Great minds have evolved for centuries through fantasies and dreams. Children must be shown the path to creativity with out condemtion. I am against more "RULES"...they only hault personal expression and individuality! ~ IF WE ALLOW MORE RULES/LAWS TO CONTINUE WE WILL ALL BECOME "DROIDS"...Wake up America!!!

  • Helen - 11 years ago

    I would just like to know if the people who thought up that rule were drinking Absolute at the time!!!! Where do you think our future military comes from. This little boy was trying to save the world not imagining he was killing his classmates and defenceless animals.

  • Sandy - 11 years ago

    Are they teaching kids that the parents serving our country are the bad guys? This is the true definition of stupid! I wouldn't claim to be the writer of those ignorant "absolutes" either. This kid deserves an apology!

  • Jericho - 11 years ago

    Fire the principal. He/she has no ability to discern true problems from IMAGINARY ones. We have created a society that is so concerned with the next psychopath that we can't live normally. The only way you are going to keep little boys from not creating imaginary weapons is to drug them- oh wait, we do that too while calling them ADD and ADHD. We wonder why we are seeing so much depression - it is because we have established unrealistic expectations, especially for boys, and our kids are wound so tight they have no ability to cope. Sad state of affairs. Unacceptable behavior by people that claim to be intelligent! Absolutely ridiculous!!

  • Stuart Guthrie - 11 years ago

    Suspension removes the child from any learning or understanding from the system. as teachers you have failed. Apparently you never learned right from wrong, fair from unfair. Did you intend to shame the armed forces? this boy is not crazed or angry he wants to be a civil servant.
    military or police fire rescue, and you send the message of shame and attempt to send him down a criminal path. shame on you you are a coward that hides in the dark and don't know who to thank for the price payed for your freedom.

  • Bill - 11 years ago

    I have an idea. Let's make sure kids keep all their imagination, their frustrations, their anger, their hopes, their fears pent up inside. They should be punished for letting off steam for any reason. Lets make sure they keep it inside, keep it inside, KEEP IT INSIDE - until they can't keep it inside any more and let it escape in a destructive manner - e.g., Columbine.

    This zero tolerance attitude of the educational system is creating psychopaths, not avoiding them.

  • Darlene - 11 years ago

    Question for the school..would you allow one of your own Soldiers in your school to talk about the war and defending (or saving) your country! Are there any children in your school that the mothers or fathers are Soldiers? Please one must be more realistic about this! The child is in grade 2. Teachers teach.. imagination is good!! Or is it just colors and numbers..very sad situation.

  • SCOTT - 11 years ago

    OMG! Total lack of common sense. Come on people. We need to stand up for what is right and also allow our children the opportunity to be creative, heroic, and playful. This is just a sad story and as a fairly reserved parent of 3 I would be irate! The school needs to issue a public apology and take measures so that this can not happen again. Strongest nation on earth, land of the free and home of the long as you don't pretend to be a hero, let along actually do something heroic.

  • Grandma - 11 years ago

    I read the "Absolutes" and it states "no weapons, real or play" which one would think includes toy guns and knives but not imagination. It don't believe it prohibits "pretending." All children, especially boys, are going to shadow box, pretend to be a "ninja" and do Karate chops in the air, etc. Let's not get so carried away that we stifle imagination and play that are both critical for healthy development.

  • tony - 11 years ago

    Boys are boys, my brothers wifes grandson was raised from the beginning by his mom, NO GUNS, toy or otherwise allowed in here home. No violent games or tv shows allowed. He was 10 years old and while at a summer BBQ him and the other young boys were running around with sticks, holding them like guns and making bang bang sounds shooting each other, playing army. It's in their blood, you cant change that.

  • NateWhilk - 11 years ago

    I wouldn't go so far as to say it's stifling his creativity or imagination. I think that's a bit excessive. But I do say it's just play and the school's rules are utterly ridiculous.

    Maybe his camo coat scares the insanely hypersensitive school, too.

    The administrators are insane.

  • V - 11 years ago

    We (meaning all taxpaying U.S. citizens) in concert with our government and military, are playing "save the world" for real, and killing people FOR REAL, every day, and have been for the last ten years. We have been in a perpetual state of war since before this boy was born. Not a day in his life has gone by where someone on television didn't "pretend" to kill someone. People in Hollywood make millions of dollars imagining stories of saving the world.

    Can anyone say "hypocrisy?"

  • Bruce F - 11 years ago

    Voted that it may be appropriate in some situations, for example where the play hurts or causes purposeful harm to others. But that situation there may be another "rule" covered by this that would apply and be cause for suspension. In the case of this boy, my vote is "No".

  • ally - 11 years ago

    That is so stupid it was all in his mind it's not like he was pretending to kill a person he knows in the real world.

  • Lam - 11 years ago

    ...that the persons who created the ABSOLUTES have yet to come forward with an explanation as to what, exactly, the full interpretation of these ABSOLUTES MEAN IN A TRANSPARENT LANGUAGE, AS WELL AS IN ALL DEFINITIONS AND TO ALL POSSIBLE SCENARIOS. The inclusion of et cetera is vague and there is a flavor in the language that this may be aimed at the underprivileged, perhaps less informed, and a set up for failure for those who may be less inclined to speak out because of the undercurrent of bullying tactics being perpetrated by those in a position of authority. For the little fellow fighting bad guys: you are on the right track, but remember not all bad guys look alike. Sometimes they lurk in your schools and call them your teachers. The good guys--your mother, your

  • MOMOFTHREE - 11 years ago

    Unreal!!! Our country had gone to pot. I really feel for the young kids coming up nowaday. They cant do anything. This child done nothing wrong in my eyes infact I would have loved to have seen him save the world! I work with kids at my church and love to see their minds at work. Not many kids have imaginations like that anymore.

  • Kam - 11 years ago

    ...attached to previous post, my apologies: myself and my husband have two free thinking, creative, expressive, and imaginative "crime fighting good boys, (9 and 10), that are actively involved in their community in their community, are gifted and talented, and involved in their local church. They also visit their father at their father's fire department, as he is a firefighter Our children have been taught to always question authority, no matter who is the authority in question, and to understand that their truth may not always be the truths of others. In other words, our children, ages 9 and 10, question the truths, rules, and authorities of others. our children are not sheep. Question teachers, question authorities, policies, and we, as a family, discuss what this means for them, their peers, for the haves and have nots, and that although policies and procedures may be written may be written to protect a certain group of a certain population, and if it is fact LOGICAL. If it does not pass the "smell test," then rules such as ABSOLUTES, WHICH ARE DRAFTED WITHOUT TRANSPARENCY DO NOT AND SHOULD NOT APPLY FOR CHILDREN WHO ARE NOT AT THE AGE OF REASON. One should reference Volume VII of the Colorado children's code wherein a child can be tried a juvenile under the bogus, non existent ABSOLUTE rules that Mary Blair has seems to be using as a bullying technique as a punitive measure to keep children, in particular, our most vulnerable, young, and easily manipulated into coercive statements into what they were doing and what adults OBSERVED THEM DO BE DOING. finally, I find it odd

  • Kam - 11 years ago

    Although, I must admit I have previously posted earlier, I would like to post one more issue that I, as a parent

  • devin - 11 years ago

    I'm. 15 and when I was in elementary school I had a huge imagination and didn't get introuble for playin imaginary cops and robbers and now to hear that this has happened I'm worried that mylittle brother will get suspended for his big imagination.

  • Jeannie - 11 years ago

    So, now there are rules against one's imagination? Come on! I think this is ridiculous and the school should be reprimanded for trying to enforce such ludicrous rules! They should focus on real issues, like teaching, then policing imaginary play

  • Tom - 11 years ago

    This young man was playing a game. Children all dream about being a hero. He was not play killing other kids. Imaginations are something we need to promote. Ask him if he wanted to hurt children? He will tell you no, he was saving them. Sue that school!

  • Ronda - 11 years ago

    What concerns me about this story is the people we have teaching our children. The paranoia that has taken over is destroying the imaginations or our kids and replacing it with fear. Playing war with plastic guns will not turn someone into a killer. Nor will playing video games. The killers are those who suffer from mental illness with no treatment.

  • Leon - 11 years ago

    The rule says "real or play"....not "real or imaginary". "Play" would be a toy gun. I guess there is no fixing "stupid"

  • WT - 11 years ago

    This is teaching this boy that to be a soldier is wrong. I wonder how many of todays Marines or any service men or woman were suspended from school for pretend play??

  • Deb - 11 years ago

    I'd say the school admin. totally missed the boat on this one. If the facts I've read are accurate we should be ENCOURAGING heros....even if they are pretend. Nothing was thrown, no other child was threatened? Just a simple game of technology, no balls, no foul language.......just a strong, creative imagination. If I were the mom, I'll pull him for the school permanently. And I'd any school admin. that had anything to do with this decision. They are are waste of money!

  • Jeff Grey - 11 years ago

    A former coworker of mine once threatened me by saying, "I have my gun in my truck right outside". I reported this to HR and he told HR that he was only joking and that he didn't really have a gun in his car so an "imaginary" gun doesn't constitute a "real" threat.

    I was 'laid-off" a few days later from a company where I'd worked for over ten years and haven't found a job since. He continues to be employed and I wonder if he still keeps "an imaginary gun" in his truck in the parking lot to threaten new employees who won't cheat the company.

  • Linda Storch - 11 years ago

    I have an 8 year old grandson and he is killing bad guys all the time. Good grief these schools are crazy. Then they better get rid of all the rescue hero movies and cartoons. This is a normal kid just playing. I am so sick of whats going on in our country. We need the liberals gone.

  • Kelly - 11 years ago

    I am astounded that they would do that to a very creative and playful young boy. Trying to save the world from evil is not wrong. In real life or in your imagination! Why try to crush a little boys creativity? Because they want walking zombies who take orders and just do what they are told instead of thinking for themselves. Its a form of control and personally I think its disgusting. The people from that school should be ashamed for what they did to that little boy. I hope his mom keeps fighting until this is put right!

  • steve smith - 11 years ago

    This, and other stories around the country make me wonder, are idiots running our schools and teaching our kids? ANYONE in this school system who supports this insanity needs to be fired and issues an order banning them from comming within 500 ft of a child.

  • Really Amazed At That School - 11 years ago

    This act by the school is shameful. What little boy *hasn't* played Cops 'n' Robbers or something similar? Back in my Dad's day it was Cowboys 'n' Indians. Neither one of us grew up to be hellions. Matter of fact, he wanted to join the Air Force (circumstances prevented him, but he tried to). I followed in his footsteps and actually did join the Air Force. I wanted to be the good guy, help stop evil, all that stuff we *USED* to consider noble traits in this country.

    Someone mentioned the "feminizing" of our boys in public schools. That's true, and it started happening when I was in school. Let girls be girls, and they should be. Likewise, let boys be boys, because they should be! But apparently masculinity is no longer welcome in our public schools. I'm understanding more and more why increasing numbers of parents are either home-schooling or sending their kids to private schools, because what happened to this 7-year-old boy is just disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

  • John - 11 years ago

    So glad to see Colorado becoming Commiefornia, I'm so glad I moved away from that state. I am ashamed of what it is becoming. Any of the 96 people so far (or anyone after the fact) who voted yes or maybe in this poll so far should have their heads examined. You are as brain damaged as the people in the school system who make these rediculous rules.

  • Jerry - 11 years ago

    What happened to "No Child Left Behind"? Or is this the end result of an cultural-educational system that promotes control over behavior as it prime directivc? Common sense has become uncommon.

  • Kam - 11 years ago

    Can someone please identify what law was broken here? Oh...that's right. The laws of ABSOLUTES! Clearly this second grader is armed and dangerous...with IMAGINATION. He is intent on SAVING THE WORLD. He will most likely grow up to be a GOOD GUY, like a POLICE OFFICER, FIREMAN, SERVICEMAN, but I can only hope and pray that he does not become one of the bad guys...A TEACHER. OUCH!

  • J - 11 years ago

    This is similar to the boy who is deaf and his name is signed liked he's shooting a handgun. This was in the news about a month or two ago. ABSOLUTELY rediculous how the public schools are commited to suppression but yet it's okay to preach and teach homosexuality in elementary

  • J - 11 years ago

    The public school system is a joke these days. This boy is showing compassion for life by saving people from evil in make believe. The schools action is a result of a desensitized and ignorant society that is being shaped by Washington. Look it up. They want puppets, not free thinkers. I would pull your kids out and either homeschool or find private education that is not funded by Uncle Sam. GOD BLESS and good luck.

  • Crystal - 11 years ago

    Seriously?! This is the craziest thing I've heard yet. Kids need to be kids and if you suppress everything they do we will have a world in the near future that lacks any imagination at all. Why must we all be brought down to the lowest common denominator all of the time, it's like big brother os watching. Thank you little boy for saving the world from imaginary bad guys, I hope you keep saving it! A note to Mom, don't let the school get away with this for your son and all the other kids out there who are just being normal kids! I hope you make a huge stink and make them publicly apologize to your son for just being a little boy! That's it I'm moving to Canada!

  • Shark - 11 years ago

    This is a stupid thing. They should not suspend anyone for "trying to save the world" from imaginary forces with imaginary forces. We always played like that when I was a kid.

  • Mrs. Luce - 11 years ago

    This is absolutly out of hand. We ask our children to be imaginative yet he is and he gets introuble. My husband is a soldier and my child wants to be like him. Does that mean my child will be suspended by playing a saving the world game, when really he's just trying to be like his dad? The schools are scared that there will be another columbine...but lets get real, these are elementary me where an elementary student went in and started killing people...and lets remember, the 7 year old was playing the good-guy and hurting/threatning NO ONE!

  • Ben duran - 11 years ago

    "Real or play" that is exactly how the rule is written . Intended to mean .357 or plastic toy gun! Thats how "play" is defined by the districts imaginary is not a play weapon! Someone needs ti lose their job. How can we put the delicate care of education in the hands of blunt stupidity .

  • Ron - 11 years ago

    Once again, this is a case of ridiculous, nonsensical, inflexible rules written by numbskull administrators who've obviously forgotten what it was like to be a child. This is a little boy doing what little boys, pretend and imagine. Outrageous. Get a clue for God's sake. The community should storm into the next school board meeting and demand an explanation or vote their sorry butts out of office. What's even more shocking and frightening is knowing there are 21 morons out there who actually agree with the suspension. God help our society.
    Good luck to Mrs. Watkins and to your little boy. Don't back down, stick to your guns...your imaginary guns!!

  • hendy - 11 years ago

    We left Colorado for this very reason. I have boys, and definitely notice the trend towards "feminizing" them in school. If we have no men in the country, then we make easy prey for those who want to take over the country.

  • Jessica - 11 years ago

    Shame on this school district! I'm a mom of 6 & am disgusted by the decision to suspend a child who hurt no one. I think the rule for imaginary weapons is ubsurd but putting that aside what ever happened to TALKING to the child and explaining that pretending to use a weapon is not ok at school?! Suspension is just BEYOND over the top & unnecessary. What ever happened to common sense? This school & district seems to have lost theirs.

  • Lisa - 11 years ago

    I have a 5 year old and really struggle when people fault him for being 5 and having a vivid imagination! This is nuts! As a society we are telling boys they cannot be boys. Girls can have imaginations and play like they are princesses but a boy is wrong if he pretends he is the prince rescuing her from the dragon! People these are KIDS -- let them be KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim - 11 years ago

    This is the kind of thing that happens when stupid people are placed in positions of authority.

  • bevy - 11 years ago

    we declined a job offer in colorado because of all the NAZI laws. this is ridiculous! you try to make people think you are so progressive, when in fact, you are not. can't catch rain for your garden? can't pretend in school... oh so they own the rain, i guess now they own your imagination and thoughts? MOVE! take your little kids out of that place before they lose any imagination and/or creativity they might have. who wants to live in a world like that? and what crawled up colorado's ass?

  • Valerie - 11 years ago

    RIDICULOUS!!!! Boys will be boys..anybody who has a boy knows this! They have big personalities and wonderful imaginations. Be strong little guy..wish you luck :))

  • Joyce Acosta - 11 years ago

    Serious? My husband is in the Air Force... We need more kiddos who pretend to be heros... This is just too much. Now he is getting punished for not only using his imagination but using it in a productive way... I hope this doesn't have any long term effects on this little guy. We all need heros. Big & Small. I have a little boy who is 2... I would be proud if he was "saving the world" imaginative or in real life.

  • Mandie Watkins - 11 years ago

    Thanks everyone for the positive comments. As Alex's mother I appreciate the fact that other people see this situation in a similar light. I think I am still in shock a little that this has happened to him... he is such a sweet, compassionate little boy. His behavior was harmless & it is really sad that keeping schools safer has come to THIS level. - I'm one ticked mama!

  • Erik Rud - 11 years ago

    This is silly. Kids need to be kids. I remember when in grade school we made paper ninja stars and had all recess long ninja wars. Nobody ever got hurt. Nobody ever left crying. Nothing we did ever hurt any body. This is absolutely rediculus. Let kids be kids. If the teachers can't handle a kid being a kid they need to find a new career.

  • Baldemar - 11 years ago

    Can't wait for the new ban against imagination. Sad to see all of our rights slowly stripped away. We need to slow down and realize what and how this nation was built and not be hypocrites.

  • mike - 11 years ago

    when did it become a crime to use imagination to save the world.
    Good is supposed to prevail over evil...guess that's Old School

    Not at This School

  • dan - 11 years ago

    Give me a break these are children using there imagination growing up doing things all of us did as kids get the politics out of schools and let children be children

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