Do you think the whole anti-illegal immigrant argument is hypocritical?


  • Cory - 8 years ago

    I don't understand why the natives are so angry. Not only did they receive help turning from their savage ways, they also received countless amenities for their compliance. The " white" man is not to be blamed for their decision to squander the opportunities they were given. Our forefathers weren't illegal immigrants, they laid claim to an unclaimed land. In all fairness, native Americans should be thanking them for bringing civilization to their once savage lands. It's not hard to apply for citizenship, it is however ILLEGAL to come to America without applying first. Any illegal immigrants should be jailed, and deported back to their country of origin, just as any criminal should be jailed after any crime is committed. If we don't enforce our borders, these lands will once again fall under the law of nature. We take the sacrifices of our forefathers for granted, and this makes me angry.

  • LllaurieP - 11 years ago

    The question to the poll irritates me. These are people, they are not illegal. They are simply undocumented. We invited them all here and didn't stop the tens of thousands who came here years and years ago. We invited them here to work for unacceptable wages. Wages white people wouldn't work for. I invite each of us to put ourselves in their shoes. If you were living in the conditions they lived in, wouldn't you come here for a better life? Migration is a necessary part of evolution. It's also called survival.

    The poll would be better if it said, Do you think the whole anti-humanity, anti-diversity, pro-hate, pro-racism philosophy of white extremists is hypocritical? If we want to change things we need to refer to people as human beings, not illegal anythings.

    “Washing one’s hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral.” – Paulo Freire, Educator

    Ashamed to be American in times like these. Self-Identified, Privileged White Female.

  • Cliff - 11 years ago

    @Alice I guess you are a Fox news watcher and a creationist too..... what a totally DUMB comment!

  • gigi - 11 years ago

    White people are the immigrants and still try to regulate every other race. Why don't trust stop stealing money, skills, and knowledge from other race to say they have much success. Look at history all most every thing the have has been taken from a culture or race and their so called new invention they don't create anything they steal and destroy

  • Hadziin - 11 years ago

    Alice, Your racism is showing. As is you need to do more research. The "Out of Asia" theory has been pretty much blown out of the water and is now primarily used by whites as a justification. Native people have been here according to the latest finds for over 40 thousand years. Which is longer than most Europeans have been where they claim as their homeland.

  • Ryan - 11 years ago

    @Alice- I can't believe you would make such an ignorant comment.
    Even the way the poll question is setup I got confused and accidentally submitted a no vote. I think everyone should be able to live together harmoniously regardless of race. It's unbelievable being in the information era and with so much education on racism it still exists, and for it to be in the form of a protest.. wow!!!! What does being American really stand for??

  • Alice - 11 years ago

    Native Americans are illegal too. They came from Asia so why are they crying?

  • KG Kimathi - 11 years ago

    White people are the biggest illegal immigrants everywhere they go. They are also the biggest kidnappers. Not just of people, but their resources also. No visas are required for coltan from Congo to come to America, nor is it needed for uranium to leave Chad for France. And everywhere else is forced to trade with US and Europe on their terms or face economic sanctions. Not no more! The people are fighting back and the indigenous people will be at the forefront with us as Africans right beside them!

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