Do you want a big bad with important role in Season 8?


  • a.derrick - 11 years ago

    Deb should Have to kill Dexter.

  • strauss - 11 years ago

    should bring rival love between hannah mckay the one dexter should be with vs deb madly in love but falling apart

  • Isidor - 11 years ago

    I think what we need is to see if Dexter is able to confirm that he can feel ''LOVE'' and if he can,he will try to make a connection with Hannah and/or Debra.
    But if he gets caught up in the mess with Debra and Cap.LaGuerta then he will stay in Miami and clear it and/or run with Debra to find Hannah or just run somewhere where they can start from the begging witch is a bit over the top because Dexter can do that but Debra can't.
    So he must make a hard choice to stay or to leave.If he stays he must convince Debra to lie about the latest murder,witch is going to be very hard because Debra has her sense of Moral and Honesty.But it would be nice to see Dexter happy once again and see him maybe fall in ''LOVE".

    That is my opinion,don't hate the player,hate the game.

  • Shelley - 11 years ago

    PLEASE also make a season much needs to be accomplished in the story line. You have to do the show justice and not rush finishing it. Dexter is far the best show on TV. I absolutely love it and need more than one more season!

  • João - 11 years ago

    Deborah knows all the truth by now so she will be the next season villain, she needs no company and Dexter will have to face the consequences of his sister´s character.

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