Your top choices for the new Seattle NHL team name. (Choose 3)

Posted 6 years.


  • Dan Lamb - 5 years ago

    Though I'm a passionate lifelong Buffalo Sabres fan, I'm excited for the prospect of the Pheonix coyotes move to Seattle. I like keeping the past where it belongs and hope the new name will be progressive. I voted Thunderbirds. But Sasquatch sounds fun.

  • Ben Habner - 5 years ago

    The mets is just not awesome enough for me I'm desire something more... I'm thinkin the Seattle Ice Pilots! And if ur not down with the ice pilot then maybe ull enjoy the serpants or even the sea serpants. There are plenty of awesome names out there but the mets have been gone for over 80 years. I think that we don't need to zombify our brand new hockey franchise with the memories of the distant past. I mean can anyone on the internet say than they are old enough to have watched a seattle metropolitans game? I don't kno about anyone else but from my experience with the elderly they are certainly not savants when it comes to computers or new techology lol leave the metropolitans in the past and bring on the ice pilots!

  • Charlie Koosed - 5 years ago

    A large important city like Seattle should have a hockey team with a name that denotes greatness and history. The Metropolitons does both. The Metropolitons won the Stanley Cup 1917. Not to mention the fact that the Metropoliton Grill is the best restaurant in Seattle.

  • Bernard Schwartz - 5 years ago

    The metropolitans were the stanley cup champs in 1917. Return to glory. Lets call our team the metropolitans!!!!!!!

  • John Furner - 6 years ago


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