Do you believe in the corporal punishment of children?


  • A. J. - 11 years ago

    I believe in corporal punishment but NEVER by a stranger and that was not corporal punishment. On the other hand, a public store is NOT the playground! If you cannot control your children, leave them home. I don't want my shopping experiences marred by your bad tailed kids. WHY was this child running around UNATTENDED when pedophiles and kidnappers are RAMPANT?? It only takes a minute for something to happen. Wake up people! The clerk was clearly WRONG but if a pedophile, rapist or kidnapper had gotten ahold of that child, a BEATING would have been the most merciful thing that would have happened!!!! Geesh people, REALLY!!!

  • Miss Evv - 11 years ago

    I believe in spanking a child, however, I have witnessed physical abuse by some parents/guardians. As Lisa stated, I never allowed ANY non-family members to strike or threaten my children. Therefore, I WOULD NEVER strike a non-family member. In this case, once the child started running around the store, security personnel should have been notified and the parent paged over the intercom system. I would have had the security personnel escort the entire family out the door. The parent should have realized that the child could have hurt himself or someone else running around in a crowded store. Also, he could have been easily been kidnapped by someone that noticed there wasn't an adult looking out for him. Personally, I never had a problem with corporal punishment, however, in my own personal life, with our 4 children, my late husband and I made sure it was used as last resort. Our children feared being grounded not being with friends or not being allowed to participate in a special activity much more than anything we could have done to them. When we made a decision of grounding, we stuck to it, no matter what. They are now adults with children of their own and we NEVER had any problems in school, church, in stores, etc. "Raise up a child in the way they should go, and they will not depart from it...just sayin' :D

  • Lisa - 11 years ago

    This is why we have so many unruly kids. The parents do not discipline their children at home and allow them to behave any way they please when they go out. As parents we have gotten away from our fundamental purpose to raise our children to be productive people. We now just give them what they want and too hell with everything else.

  • Bertha - 11 years ago

    How old was this child??? Where his mother/sister while he was running around in the store and was being 'beaten'. He is defiant to throw something at an adult, after being chastised. If not punished now; as a child, he WILL be punished as an adult.

  • lisa - 11 years ago

    Corporal punishment should never be done by a store clerk.I agee with the father 25 licks is a beating not a spanking...

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