What was your biggest worry when you learned your child would need glasses (after worries about their vision)

  • Shauna - 8 years ago

    I worry that my 4 year old really doesn't need glasses after all. I had one Dr say not only does he need them but he has a big Astigmatism. he dilated his eyes too. I NEVER noticed any symptoms and he says he is near sighted. HOW COULD I NOT NOTICE? I went for a second and they did not dilate his eyes but said he needs glasses, however they said without dilating his eyes they couldn't say for sure what his prescription would be. They said just go with the one I had from 5 months earlier.
    His glasses are STRONG! He doesn't seem to notice a difference, but trying to get a 4 year old to explain what he can/can not see is impossible. What do I do?
    Do I get a third opinion with eye dilation or just have him wear them and go back in 3-4 months as suggested?

  • Jen - 8 years ago

    I was worried that we found out so late that there was a severe problem with my sons eyesight that there might not be a way to help him and that he would be spending his lifetime dealing with his issue. He is now 7, and his eyesight has not improved much. He takes it all in stride, but there is huge guilt for his father and me. What if we had known earlier?

  • Meg Freebern - 8 years ago

    My biggest fear when I found out that my three-year-old daughter needed glass was that she would be seen as the girl with glasses. That was true for a while, maybe even a year, but now glasses are just another part of her that I love, and even eye patching has become just a thing we do. My now-six-year-old really shines.

  • Sarah Gillinghm - 8 years ago

    We were worried that our son would be limited in what he could do (running, jumping and just being a carefree child). It was strange to be told while looking at him as a tiny 3 day old baby that he would need glasss for the rest of his life and it was as if images of what he would NOT be able to do flashed through my mind. (New mum hormones at the time I think).

    Luckily George has proved that he can do anything and was ready to take on the world and thinks nothing of his glasses. He has just started school and talks freely to the children about them which is encouraging especially as other children recently have needed glasses too.

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