Would You Rather Sit Next to a Crying Baby or an Obese Person on a Flight?


  • Karen Thomas - 9 years ago

    Ya, I've been on a flight where the poor baby wouldn't settle. The mom gave her gravol and it did the opposit. Poor baby, it kept my mind off the fact we could crash and how dizzy I felt! Most parents try very hard to make the trip easy for their children. Where as someone overseat size can make me feel squished, helpless, confined. I don't like touching strangers at the best of times. Short stints up trams, 2 min elevator rides. But for hrs?.... That's asking too much! If I were in china where they have those overpacked trains... I'd walk!

  • Meats - 10 years ago

    I'll take a crying baby anytime.....it's likely to fall asleep, but the obese person is very unlikely to lose any weight before you land!!

  • Sue - 10 years ago

    Why stop with crying babies and obese people? Eliminating kids (and adults!) who kick my seat, brats, coughers and others with contagious diseases, drunks, ignorant people who insist on sharing their opinions, religious extremists, people who overdose on perfume or cologne, ... anyone else? Most of those people fly coach/economy, so that section could be split - regular folks in the front, the others stuck in a new "Undesirables" section. Then you might want to read something by Dietrich Bonhoeffer and consider whether we've been down this road before, and how it turned out.

  • Sue - 10 years ago

    I really don't like sitting next to crying obese people.

  • KK - 10 years ago

    Both choices are awful but keep in mind one thing about a crying baby. While they have problems with the air pressure they also need a diaper change. On a flight overseas the baby behind us didn't just cry but screamed most of the time which was bad enough but then the Mother was too lazy to take the baby to the rest room and changed a dirty diaper where she was seated. Needless to say it was the most miserable flight we have ever taken and the poop smell never went away!

  • Rick - 10 years ago

    I Can use my Bose noise cancelling headphones!

  • joeetclaude - 10 years ago

    The crying baby will fall asleep at a moment and if you have headphones, it is not too bad; but the obese person, taking more than all the armrest and overflewing both sides of his seat. The obese people should have a section with 2 seats per row instead of three and pay for half a seat more. Airlines should charge for over weight persons just like they charge for bags. I'm sorry for obese people but if they choose to travel, they should pay more.

  • Jenny - 10 years ago

    For those who are obese and get offended, you MUST realize that it is also a matter of health for the person sitting next to you. I once sat next to an obese person and had to ask to be moved because my arm was falling asleep in a very short time. I was so cramped in! The seats are tight enough and one needs sufficient space for your own body to be able to breathe and not have parts of your body falling asleep. Sorry, but I felt quite claustrophobic in this situation. Also, in order to get out of a seat by the window to go to the restroom is hard enough without someone sitting on the aisle seat, because he/she cannot seat by the window seat in the first place. Do not get offended. Just be realistic and understand why someone would prefer a crying baby sitting next to them.

  • Carol - 10 years ago

    On one flight, I was supposed to have the aisle seat on a fully booked flight of a couple of hours. The gentleman in the middle seat took up his seat and more than half of mine. I had to sit sideways on the edge of my seat or stand up for the entire flight and could not be in my seat when the drinks cart went down the aisle. They should not have made me pay for my seat when I didn't get to use it.

  • Donna - 10 years ago

    Tamara, I am sorry if you find the question offensive and I am sorry that you are obese..it must be difficult for you. That being said, I find it offensive to have someone overflowing into my space!! If you can't fit into the seat allotted to you, perhaps you should pay for 2 seats.

  • Sarah - 10 years ago

    Crying baby. I always have headphones! If you are obese and are 'offended' by this, then at last, you can understand how people feel who have to be smushed into a smaller section of their seat to accommodate someone requiring more seat than what they truly paid for.

  • TAMARA - 10 years ago

    I find the question offensive. I am obese and I have had to travel with crying children before. Travel is difficult enough with out you propitiating the idea to other travelers that either option should be treated as a second class.

  • gil - 10 years ago

    Crying baby. Most of us have been there. Maybe I can help. If not I have noise canceling headphones.
    But there's no way to effectively deal with someone impinging on my space.

  • Sandy - 10 years ago

    I do not have kids and absolutely hate being around crying or misbehaving children. I should not be subjected to that kind of torment. I would raise holy hell if subjected to such behavior after I have paid my money for a flight. They should have a soundproof area for anyone who does not behave.

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