Do you think the teacher should be fired for what she did?


  • steve - 11 years ago

    She should NOT be fired. Teachers have an extremely difficult job, and if she was suspended then that is enough. Firing a teacher every time they make a mistake would give too much power to little brat kids that give teachers' $hit day in and day out! She had a lapse in judgement, nothing serious occured from the event, and this shouldn't even be an issue. ALSO, the title of the article, is so misleading. She didn't pour them DOWN his throat, she poured them in his mouth. Media today just wants a scandal and a story. Now I am not condoning what she did, but I'm not going to comdemn her career over it either, thats just ridiculous

  • Lisa - 11 years ago

    This should have been a "bullying by teacher". Are students the only ones that get this label?She should have been fired and the school district sued.

  • Mia - 11 years ago

    First of all there is no law against leaning back in your chair during class. Even if he was leaning and not paying attention that IS NOT the proper way to handle a 13 year old. She could have killed him if he swallowed that lead. Now what if he decides to spit in her face and dump pee or marker juice in her mouth ? He can just apologize and move along? No. That bit*** need her as* whooped and then get the boot!

  • Mimi - 11 years ago

    I feel the punishment that was given to the teacher was justified. The teacher also apologized, and this day in time I don't feel like anyone should lose their job. I don't agree with what she did, but could the child have been at fault also by not listening to her, why was he leaning back in the chair in the first place if class was being taught?

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