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  • Two others that seem to be missing from a lot of the good for you recipes
    is: ease and selection: bothh of which are offered up in the Hungry Girl cook books.
    In older dogs itt iss probably one of the leading causes of death.
    We have hhad other pets since Maggie and faced the same end-of-life decision years later with
    our two springer spaniels.

  • Tammy - 11 years ago

    I think you have a really interesting story about following a spouse. How does the integration go? What will make it easier? What's different than you expected? What's better? What do you miss the most? There are a lot of people in your position that can learn a lot from you.

  • Sharon Cohen - 11 years ago

    I'm from Toronto, Canada & my husband Syd is from Rochester, NY. We followed each other for two years from one country to another. Then he was drafted by the US Army. He was being sent to Germany so we got married earlier than planned. He followed me to Toronto to get married . Then off he went to Feurth, Germany. I followed him ,with two other young wives , on the SS United States Ship. He came to Bremerhaven, Germany to meet me. We stayed in Germany for the rest of his Tour. Afterwards I flew to Rochester on a Pan Am propeller plane with 70 young women & 30 babies. Syd followed me to Rochester a few months later. So he & I have kept on following each other forever. We still follow each other during the last 55 years plus the original two when we met going back & forth from country to country. You could be the Trailing Spouse or the Follower Spouse. This is the challenge when we love someone so dearly.

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