What grade would you give Ag Sec. Vilsack during his first term?


  • Bobby Likis - 11 years ago

    Secretary Vilsack displayed a wealth of understanding for and connection to the Ag industry during the recent NEC event. His words were both refreshing and informative...and obviously from his heart. I felt as though I was watching someone sharing his life's passion with his best friends. His support for rural America is helping to increase jobs and income for our farmers right here in America. And he was very clear about a strong future for our nation.

  • M Covault - 11 years ago

    My exposure to Vilsack's policies have been colored by his seeming endorsement of policies pushed by "animal rights" organizations such as H$U$. It is of GREAT concern that he advises animal ag to work with H$U$ because this animal rights-led organization is NOT the expert on animal care and is more interested in putting impediments before animal ag regardless of sound animal welfare policies. The *experts* are those involved in animal agriculture, NOT an "animal rights"-led organization. Animal rights is NOT the same as animal welfare, which research would show if people would take the time rather than accepting the AR "propaganda mill" BIG LIES.

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