Is The 'Rapping For Jesus' Video Racist?

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  • Alotta Fagina - 4 years ago

    Nothin racist here. Only the truth... Jesus Christ is my nigga

  • Forest Gump - 4 years ago

    Thes vedio ez verry supportev

  • Me - 4 years ago

    Suck my shlong

  • Black Child - 5 years ago

    I found this very helpful and I found jesus wile I was eatin some fried chicken and yes jesus Christ is my nigga

  • Martin Zimmerman - 5 years ago

    There is nothing racist here. Oh no, it is perfectly fine. Very accurate, I must say. Although the person wearing a hoodie at that one point scared me.

  • MK - 7 years ago

    This is probably a well meaning attempt to fill a perceived need of Black children in the urban traps. But where they went wrong is by trying to step out ahead of their parents and community members and churches instead of SUPPORTING THEM. That is what makes this racist. It says to children, WE ARE BETTER THAN EVERYONE IN YOUR COMMUNITY, because we have it and they don't. Very sad and very wrong.

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