Do You Love The 2014 Chevy SS Sedan?


  • Artis - 11 years ago

    A very nice automobile; I understand your having to meet certain dates in manufacturing. I can wait for the option list. I like the idea that the 7 speed was first heard of in the 2014 C7 Corvette. This is the proper order.

  • Greg - 11 years ago

    Hey GM, if you want to be a player in the performance game, at least come with a manual as an option. Auto only is a slap in the face for someone who would ever consider an SS.

  • Rob - 11 years ago

    What???? No LT1? I like this car and was planning on purchasing it when it came out. But old LS3 and Auto only blew the deal. I am very, very disappointed.

  • jeff - 11 years ago

    It is great that GM has put the stock back in stock car racing. With that being said, this car looks more like a Buick product than a Chevy. They definetly should have offered the manual gear box to entice G8 GT owners into trading up. So really, this car is less performance oriented than a 2009 G8 GXP with the 6 speed Tremec manual transmission. Also, the wheels look terrible on this vehicle. Congratulations Chevy on making the lamest looking Commodore variant possible. Hopefully they make an upgraded version that is more inline with CTS-V or ZL-1 styling and performance levels.

  • Mitch - 11 years ago

    Had called 2 dealerships to pre-order this vehicle as it looks great and the performance is unreal. However, why in the world would GM NOT offer a manual transmission on a performance car is beyond me. I am now no longer interested in purchasing this - will wait for them to offer a manual transmission in the future if I don't end up buying another vehicle sometime soon.

  • Tim - 11 years ago

    I'm very disappointed. They utilized a on old drive-train. .........and the front end styling is dated.
    Realistically, this looks like something that could have been released in 2005.

  • DJ - 11 years ago

    Wish it had a manual transmission, but still think it's a sweet vehicle. It brings the current Chevy design to a classic 4dr sport sedan.

  • Wayne - 11 years ago

    GM needs to offer a two door and the seven speed. Then we can get get into body kits and have a great car.

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