Would You Have Called The Cops On The Employee?

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  • brenda harrington - 9 years ago

    I recall something similar that happen to me in the grocery store at krogers groceries in pickerington ohio. As I was leaving the store after paying for groceries, I then push my grocery cart out to the car. A young little handsome white boy shouted out loudly, Hey Lady! did you still that pop that under neath you cart? I then respond by asking the young man to come and and look at the twelve pack of pop and he then noticed the store sticker or lable which said, "paid" . The young man never said he was sorry. by the way just about everybody in the parking lot heard him shouting in which I was so embarrased. I then push my cart back into the store and spoke wih the manger. The manager said to me that she was sorry for what happened and that she will talk to the young man. She then said that he was young and didn't know some of the store policies. I do not fought the child. I fought his parents, because somewhere down the line they must have told him that black people still. Anyway the store manager gave me a 100.00 gift card for food and said that she was sorry again and hope that the card will heal what just happen in the parking lot .
    I will always continue to shop at krogers stores. Their very fair to all customers.

    Brenda H

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