Do you support limits on ammunition magazines?


  • Pothead McWeed - 11 years ago

    Smoke your drugs, dumb f#% new-to-Colorado-bots! You have been the problem! Your priorities were bought and paid for when you chose drugs, illegal immigrant rights, and welfare checks. Colorado sucks ass, so does Washington. These states are falling off the map of reason. Go get high, you wanted it that bad, smoke yourself into a coma and invite all your retarded friends to cram-pack our state of illusionists.

  • Pothead McWeed - 11 years ago

    Smoke your drugs, dumb f#% new-to-Colorado-bots! You have been the problem! Your priorities were bought and paid for when you chose drugs, illegal immigrant rights, and welfare checks. Colorado sucks ass, so does Washington. These states are falling off the map of reason. Go get high, you wanted it that bad, smoke yourself into a coma and invite all your retarded friends to cram-pack out state of illusionists.

  • Sean - 11 years ago

    Back ground checks ok. We pay for them on all sales ok. They make some more money in taxes ok. A ban on mags is not right. It makes 3 seconds of time difference for 30 rounds to be fired. Wow! Is there any other benefits? Maybe the hundreds of jobs that will be lost. Maybe the loss of multiple companies from the state. Or the tens of millions of taxes and revenue lost from the state. Is it the loss of more of your rights. Where is this bill a good idea?

  • Gary - 11 years ago

    We as a society show no respect for life, we think nothing of murdering the unborn (it is a life, if we destroy the fetus, that is murder). Our young people do the same when they take lives in a shooting rampage, they are just copying what our society does without even a tinge of guilt. Guilt, conscience, God are foreign words to these killers.

  • Ed - 11 years ago

    Idiots this doesn't solve any issues facing America today hickenlooper has to go shame on you To all in support of these bills that's right shame on you non Americans move out of this country

  • Tina - 11 years ago

    What is the matter with you people?! No one is taking away your guns! You have to register your car, why do gun owners think registering all guns is such a horrible, terrible thing? This governor IS representing me and so many, many more. With a weapon comes responsibilities and these new laws are reasonable. You protesters are not.

  • Darin - 11 years ago

    United States citizens losing there rights one amendment at a time! Non United States citizen gaining one amendment and rights at a time! I should change my citizenship I would have more Benefits then. This country is going south quick!

  • Maureen Means - 11 years ago

    I am sorry to say that I was born and raised in this state but am proud to say I left but with dumb and dumber in the White House what else is new, hopefully people in CO will start getting smart and kick all the Obamaites out of office.

  • FT - 11 years ago

    So Hickenlooper you have the citizens of Colorado will speak and your days as of our so called Governor will end when we vote you out of office or start a recall action. Perhaps you can car pool to the unemployement office with Bloomburg or Feinstein. I was once proud to say I live in Colorado, but no longer.

  • mark - 11 years ago

    Average number of casualties when law enforcement respond to a mass-shooting: 14 - 15. Average number of casualties when citizens respond to a mass shooting: 2 - 3. Every mass shooting (with the exception of the Arizona Gabby Giffords shooting which may have been a politically motivated shooting - so different from the others!) has occurred in an established Gun Free Zone. So our representatives want to create MORE Gun Free Zones? Lots of dead children and our politicians say....., "Give me more of those environments where this happened."????

    If 15 rounds in a magazine sound "reasonable", please know that it will only START at 15. Once the precendent is allowed that they can establish a limit, then it will be 12, then 8, then 5, then.......... Here is a question: If you are in the Aurora theater and you are armed and you have the chance to stop the killer, but you are not sure if you have enough rounds to do the job (will 5 do it? Is he wearing concealed body armor? Will you miss a bunch since this is the first time you've ever shot at a real human....... to kill them..... while they are trying to kill you........ will 10 rounds do it?)......... would you shoot and save lives or would you flee like everyone else? If Police are allowed to carry weapons with high capacity magazines so as to save lives and protect property (the exact same reasons an armed citizen is lawfully allowed to carry a weapon), then what is the legal basis for limiting a citizen's Constitutionally protected rights?

  • Ruth - 11 years ago

    So instead of complaining we AMERICANS need to do something about our right being taken away!

  • jack - 11 years ago

    Do we have enough jail cells to hold all of us that these bills will make criminals. I will never willingly give up my guns, high capacity magazines or register any of them. It is no ones business how many or what types of weapons I own, or how many rounds my magazines hold. These laws will do nothing to stop the killings that have happened around the country. Feel good laws do nothing to solve the problems. Leave the law abiding citizens alone and enforce the laws we already have. People who use guns in the commission of crimes should receive long prison terms and no plea agreements. Having served in Vietnam I can change a ten round mag fast enough to keep up a fast rate of fire and limiting the size would make no difference.. Why have an AR-15.. They are great target rifles and fun and until recently cheap to shoot. They are good varmate guns. When you are at the range paying by the hour, preloaded 30 round mags saves time and money. For us old guys having one gives us a feeling for the past experiences we had when we were young and a feeling of security now that we are old facing a troubled world and the breakdown in society we are seeing happening to this country.

  • Ron Harris - 11 years ago

    POT is now LEGAL...GAY marriage is LEGAL....But, you want to take away a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to bear arms and put limits as to what kinds of weapons we can and can't own, limit magazine capacities, make us pay for a background check and make manufacturers of weapons involved in crime liable! Well then, we all need to start paying to vote and we need to make car manufacturers liable for drunk driving accidents or any accident for that matter, because its the cars fault....right? They built the car and now it has killed somebody not the person drunk behind the wheel. Maybe even the key manufacturer because their key started the car!!! Does anybody see the stupidity behind that??? The only people these kinds of laws hurt are the law abiding citizens, like myself, not the bad guys! This country is headed in the wrong direction! It is up to us, the citizens of The United States Of America to stop this type of crazy stuff from taking place and making our voices heard and standing up for what we believe to be right!! Not for our Government to decide for us! Read your Constitution people, WE HAVE THE RIGHT, WE APPOINT OUR LEADERS and if WE don't like who or how things are being done then WE CHANGE IT!!

  • Andy - 11 years ago

    I like that term Obamabots! At least there were a few Dems that were willing to use their brains and represent their constituents. The rest of the Liberal Lemings demonstrate that emotional rhetoric is far more important than fact or common sense. We all know (and I have told my legislators) that the criminals don't care what kind of laws they make that only impact the law abiding citizens. Laws will only have an impact when the effect the criminals, such as 30 year prison terms for possessing a stolen firearm or using a firearm in a criminal act. Make laws that effect the criminals, not the law abiding responsible citizens.

  • Lou Gallegos - 11 years ago

    I think these people who are protected by armed guards , LIKE Obama is , are short a brick or two of a full load . Bad people can get guns anywhere . Do you think they care about the law ??? Unless , someone is backed up in a corner with someone who has a gun and your life is on the line will you understand what your stupid people are doing . We the People of The United States Of America should have the right to vote for our rights . Not a small stupid group decide for all of us .
    We will vote your stupid butts out . You are setting a fire loose in law abiding citizens . We will get your cheating stupid jobs taken from you and you will be like everyone else out here in the country . Please remember these people by name and throw them out .

  • Mike - 11 years ago

    This makes as much sense as making vehicles highly restricted to solve the DUI problem. Focus on the behavior and not the tool to truly solve this problem, and Constitutional rights may stay intact.

  • Ralph - 11 years ago

    So,once again we see the totally misguided and poor informed dimwit Democrat Obamabots and pathetic wimpy GOP/Tea Party Nutters joining forces to help der leader Furhrer Wannabe Obama grab all your guns,ammo and ammo magazines as part of his personal agenda to totally disarm Americans.

  • Kathie - 11 years ago

    Soo does this mean that our elected officials just do whatever they want. It seems to me that they do NOT represent us for sure.

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