Do You Like The New Yahoo Home Page?


  • GEC - 10 years ago

    Hello to the NEW AGE Yaboo.crap!

  • chuck ritenour - 10 years ago

    had yahoo since 1999 - but the new i know everything because i am young hip and live in nyc ceo oversaw a disaster -- i can not simply skim as i use to, the mail is terrible and i am moving most of my contacts over to hotmail --
    it is just not user friendly - and while i put with their slant on news and worse on sports - it is time to dump them --
    maybe another dot com ready for the trash heap - by know it all young yuppies

  • jwill - 11 years ago

    It did not have to change to the extent you have. We don't live in a cookie cutter world. Yet, we are forced to accept this new format, even if our desire is to stay the course. Furthermore, you've given the user a boatload of information drafted by an attorney I'd say, which I find complex and do not understand. Even if we don't want to acknowledge that we understand/accept what we've read and then choose to say we do not understand/accept, we are unable to decline the update. When will you ever learn? I don't like the non-functioning format, including the big, boxy power-point like - graphic like window. Creating an e-mail in your yahoo mail is just painful. I don't wanna do it

  • roncol - 11 years ago

    Goodbye Yahoo.
    P.S And most likely you will not respond to us or your web page. ( over 77% Bad News )

  • RonCol - 11 years ago

    For the last 10 years Yahoo has always been my home page. Their Home page Only Helps Yahoo and not ME ( or us ). To make money you need to help your subscribers. The time and money yahoo paid to set up the new home page was a waste. It’s time to move. I will start moving the mail to Google. Goodbye Yahoo.

    P.S And most likely you will not respond to us or your web page. ( over 70% Bad

  • Randy - 11 years ago

    What a waste of my time I'm looking for another start page. The world is going to hell in a handbag and all you could put on here is Hollywood drivel. Why didn't this new CEO give there faithful an option of the old start or the new and improved page. The only improvement I can see is waisting everyone's time weeding thru crap to get to real world problems. Put a click called "fantasy land" and then have at it.

  • Joe - 11 years ago

    Yahoo has always been my home page. Until this week. I'm trying out Bing now - it's the least annoying "news" home page I found so far.

  • diana - 11 years ago

    I hate the new page, I will need to find another home page , I have used YAHOO for years and I am going to need to find a new home page, This CEO is NOT considering how people feel you should have the option to change or keep the older version as your home page !! Yahoo should reconsider their CEO DECISION !!!

  • Margaret - 11 years ago

    I liked the old format better - it seemed easier to read and I could find information by just scanning headlines.
    The purple is rather bright.

  • Roger Peters - 11 years ago

    I just changed my home page to FOX News. I would consider changing back should Yahoo reinstate the old home page., in spite of their "pro-Liberal" views.

  • Susan Ring - 11 years ago

    I have always supported Yahoo by keeping it as my home page. Today I am considering not doing that anymore. I can't make head or tail of the design...and I am someone who has an iPad, iPhone, and 2 other computers so I know my way around. You are trying to hard and you are getting in your own way. I am not adverse to new layouts but this one is not good and it's not intuitive. Please try something else.

  • Sheila - 11 years ago

    The colors are so bright it's giving me a migrane. My bags are packed and I'm headed to Bing or Google. I wish yahoo would remove those bright colors because Yahoo is my preferred search engine.

  • matt - 11 years ago

    i guess im going to use aol home page i do not like the new yahoo homepage

  • Barbara Niles - 11 years ago

    I do not like the new homepage and I am looking to change to another one. I find this one too big and bold. How about giving the viewer the option to choose either the old one or the new one? That way, you can please everyone.

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