What do you think about the new Kindle Paperwhite ad?


  • Cathy - 10 years ago

    It will be nice when none of this is any big deal. People are people, and it's nice to see that anybody can be represented.

  • John - 10 years ago

    Amazon used a topic that is getting a lot of current discussion in the public sphere to broaden their customer base. Let see....companies have only been doing that since the invention of the commercial. ;-)

  • Marc - 10 years ago

    Makes the valid point that the Paperwhite is readable in almost any situation. Does it in an interesting and entertaining way

  • Pam - 10 years ago

    I totally agree with Clint.

  • Clint Bradford - 10 years ago

    Trying too hard to be cute. There are plenty of ways to "sell" the features and benefits of Kindles - without resorting (beach vacation spot pun intended) to one's sexuality. Amazon should keep politics and religion and sexual preferences out of advertisement campaigns for Kindles - period.

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