Is <em>Parade's End</em> Superior to <em>Downton Abbey</em>?

  • Yvonne Boswell - 9 years ago

    I did not find this mini series to be very interesting or entertaining. I did not feel any particular draw to any of the characters. Christopher just kind of went along with what was given to him along with the maligning of his reputation. I would not watch any additional parts of this story.

  • Sheila - 9 years ago

    Luckily I already have the HBO channel, so I was able to watch Parade's End. I would not of watched it otherwise, because it is not in the same category of quality television as Downtown Abbey. I love Downtown Abbey for it being classy, along with the believable drama. The characters are caring and realistic. Parade End's characters are made of poor actors and trashy actions. I don't see how they can be compared beyond being in the same era.

  • Donna Zaglaniczny - 9 years ago

    Watched all episodes of Downton Abbey and the first episode of Parades End. Found it difficult to like the characters and the plot very mundane. It didn't have the grab me moments or even one moment. I doubt I'll watch it again because I truly don't care what happens to the very aggravating characters. They lack substance and any moral character.

  • Davita - 9 years ago

    I agree with Cheri Thompson. Downton was free and available to the general public. Parade on the other had was available only to those who had enough money to subscribe to HBO. It's a classist network and greedy.

  • Cheri Thompson - 9 years ago

    Apples and oranges...even though they are both tasty fruit!
    Downton was offered on FREE PBS...
    Parade's End (even though it does have the dishy Benedict in it's favor) is on SUBSCRIPTION HBO...
    You will never get the vast number of people hooked on "Parade" the way they were on "Downton".
    Perhaps I will be proven wrong, and perhaps sometime it will run on a different channel and I will be able to judge first-hand for myself.

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