Do you think the blogger who tweeted the "c*nt" remark should be fired?

  • misa joo - 9 years ago

    This is a post apology comment. Any vestige of the violent legacy of White Supremacy, big or small, has to be interrupted if there is to be any change. The racist twitter on Onion's behalf which degraded Quvenzhane for having a proud non Anglo name, a 9 year old child powerful enough to educate educate educate Hollywood to say it right is not a small thing. Fire this person. Interrupt.

  • Jacqueline - 9 years ago

    I don't even understand what was supposed to be funny about that comment?!

  • Crystal Bey - 9 years ago

    Steven Hannah is the CEO for The Onion he needs to be fired or removed from his position.

  • Momforsure - 9 years ago

    How dare you insult a child. This is definitely not funny. If you call the females in your family out of their names so be it but how dare you call this child out of her name!! I am too much of a lady to call you what I would lie to but at least I will give you the respect as a child of God. How dare you!!

  • Val Stewart - 9 years ago

    No child deserves to be called a "c " , Black, White, Asian , Latino or any other race. Fire this Idiot! That's a word the CEO- Steve Hannah can use for this employee.

    Yes I mean it,

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