Are you excited to have Misha Collins/Castiel back as a Season 9 series regular?

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  • Tania Jackson - 7 years ago

    Hell yes, he was my favourite character on the show!!

  • Shannon - 7 years ago

    Castiel is my favourite character of any TV show ever and Misha is a brilliant man - I'm so glad he's a regular again. Lol I am so tired of "NO ONLY THE BROTHERS MATTER!!! BROTHERS ONLY CHARACTERS ON SHOW!! NO MORE PPL EW OMG!" because we have seen every dynamic they can possibly give us between those two, and I love Sam and Dean, of COURSE I do, but when it's them and only them that are ever on screen ever it gets really old really fast. It's been 8 seasons and I definitely prefer it when Sam and Dean are allowed to have friends instead of them all being dead. Friendships are good.

  • CJ - 7 years ago

    I'm ssooo HAPPY to have Cas/Misha back full time. He is my favorite character on Supernatural, and I especially love his relationship with Dean. Yay!!!

  • bobbi - 7 years ago

    I am so happy that Castiel is coming back as a season regular. I missed his appearance, but glad for any episode he is in. Hooray.!!!!!!

  • Satan - 7 years ago

    that is def
    the real misha collins

  • Misha Collins - 7 years ago

    Why are you all complaining? Im not going to spoil too much but there is a kiss coming up in the new season....

  • Mark Dorsi - 7 years ago

    Extremely excited cios cas is the best chracter in supernatural even better than Sam and Dean

  • Claudia - 7 years ago

    HELL YEAH! That's the best thing they could have done I'm so excited you have no idea!

    Bring on the Destiel :D

  • Jessie - 7 years ago

    Castiel is about the worst written character ever. Not happy to see him coming back. Let's lock him behind those gates of heaven for good.

  • Carla Flores - 7 years ago

    I can't even describe how happy I feel!!! Having Cas/Misha back is the best thing CW could ever do!!!! The show is not the same without him and I think other fans agree with me when I say now we have a stronger reason to continue being SPN fans in season 9. Best decision ever! Can't wait to see Cas and I'll keep my finger crossed to have some Destiel coming xD

  • Alma - 7 years ago

    what about John Winchester.

  • lynn - 7 years ago

    Yeah Cas is back!!!!! SOOO EXCITED!!! Question what ever happened to Ben? We need a closing to Dean's son. I feel like it has just been left unclosed, and Dean hasn't even mentioned them in a while.

  • SPNFan - 7 years ago

    I think excited is too calm of a term for what I feel right now. Over-the-moon ecstatic might cover it better! TEAM FREE WILL! I'm even more excited now for Season 9 than ever before!

  • MORE CAS = AWESOME! - 7 years ago

    I HAVE BEEN ON CLOUD 9 ALL DAY LONG! THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER! Thank you to Supernatural for being this amazing with fans. We've definitely been with this show through ups and downs. I remember watching season 7 even though my heart was absolutely broken with Castiel's storyline. I remained faithful and I feel like season 8 was a true gift and has really renewed my interest and love for this show. Now thinking about season 9 and knowing that Cas will be a bigger part of that has me in tears. I am just so moved that the show i love is not forgetting fan's investment for the past 5 years in this amazingly complex and beautiful character. :)

  • Viki - 7 years ago

    more than happy! its awesome!

  • Scotty j - 7 years ago

    Thank you ,,, he is a great addition to the show , I can't believe it's been years. Keep up the good wok guys

  • Ismay - 7 years ago

    Finally! It's time that Castiel/Misha are appreciated for everything they bring to the show. Castiel has always been one of the most complex characters they have added. And Jared and Jensen have both said that they miss having him around on set, so they'll be pleased as well!

  • Sam - 7 years ago

    Well, that is the worst news I've heard about the show. Just when it was getting better ratings with the brothers being the focus. Well, makes it one less show I'll have to record and watch, since Collins is about the worst thing since Ruby 2 to be on the show. Blech! RIP SPN, you were good for the first few years.

  • Cassidy - 7 years ago

    Thank God for more Castiel! Just what the show needed to pick up the lull after Purgatory.
    Can't wait to see what's in store. Misha always delivers.

  • Anon - 7 years ago

    This shouldn't even be a question

  • tom - 7 years ago

    resurrect bobby dammit

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