Who should host the Oscars next year?

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  • unclesam328 - 7 years ago

    ooops GREG the BUNNY.

  • unclesam328 - 7 years ago

    Alf, Ted the Bear, Fred the Bunny, and Burt and Ernie. Not in that order.

  • RT - 7 years ago

    Pair Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway. And have McFarlane arrested if he shows up within 500 feet of the ceremony.

  • Gaughin - 7 years ago


  • Mo - 7 years ago

    Queen Latifah or Jamie Foxx

  • Brian - 7 years ago

    Craig Ferguson and Geoff

  • Moronissey - 7 years ago

    Phil Robertson and Bob Barker

  • mimi milne - 7 years ago

    Robert Downey jr.

  • Erin Go Bragh - 7 years ago

    Martin Short, Martin Short, Martin Short! The man can do everything: sing, dance, act, tell jokes and as a recent issue of Vanity Fair pointed out, he's loved by seemingly everyone in Hollywood. Perhaps Jiminy Glick would do an interview or two on tape with the nominees...the possibilities are endless.

  • jmal - 7 years ago

    Charlie Sheen. Everybody loves a comeback story, especially one that. . . look out, he's going to BLOW!

  • Nita - 7 years ago

    Queen Latifah

  • Bryan - 7 years ago

    Bill O'Reilly

  • TCBham - 7 years ago

    Ron White.

  • The Dood - 7 years ago

    Billy Crstal

  • roger dusso - 7 years ago

    Who cares to watch a bunch of arrogant overpaid people give out awards to themselves. Should put on a worthwhile awards show. Maybe a show giving out awards for partriotism, or volunteerism or something eles that means something.

  • Bill - 7 years ago

    Since it's just a show of politics, how about President Obama? He can read a teleprompter as well as anyone.

  • Bob - 7 years ago

    Who gives a S!@#. Maybe it won't be 4 hrs long!!! A bunch of disconnected rich people giving each other awards about pretending to be something.

  • Laurie - 7 years ago

    Alec Baldwin as long as he doesn't talk about his political agenda. He's pretty happy to make a fool off himself on stage and would be hilarious.

  • Pete - 7 years ago

    Michelle Obama because we don't get to see her often enough. (Blechhh)

  • Frank - 7 years ago

    It's the Oscars, it use to be a glamorous awards show. Now it's just a dumping ground for has been comedians.

  • Ken Coleman - 7 years ago

    Jerry Seinfeld. Oscar host is a stand-up's job and he has the experience. Plus, he has done television and the Oscar ceremony is a TV show.

  • The Diva Patrol - 7 years ago

    Jennifer Aniston. She looks great and appeals to almost every demographic. Who cares if she is funny or can dance, but if she can all the better. I could watch her for four hours no problem. I would probably tape it and watch it again and again.

  • Lisa - 7 years ago

    Michelle Obama. She obviously thinks she should be in the spotlight.

  • D. - 7 years ago

    It would be awesome just viewing the pained expressions on lib celebrities faces if it was Rush. Or Pat Buchanan! Everybody in America would watch to see the explosions!

    Kidding aside, I agree Kevin Spacey would probably be great, he's a class act, a hearkening back to the Hope/Carson years when they made an effort to keep it classy rather than oh-so pathetically hip.

    David Hyde Pierce would be cool too. You need someone who can deliver subtle well-written humorous lines. So, they need new writers as well as better hosts.

  • Larry Flynn - 7 years ago

    Martin Short and Bill Hader

  • D. - 7 years ago

    Mel Gibson. The more K-word jokes, the better.

  • Lou - 7 years ago

    Conan O'Brian killed twice at the Emmy's. Either Conan or Tina/Amy.

  • stephen Daniels - 7 years ago

    I thought that MacFarlane was excellent (excepting a few minutes of bla,bla,bla, to music that I doubt he wrote); I can't imagine doing a three and half hour live show with one of the largest audiences for the period.

    His singing voice was only exceeded by his dancing ability.

  • Racer - 7 years ago

    Couldn't possibly care less who hosts "liberal hypocrites on parade". They won't see a dime of my money either. Pukes, one and all.

  • Bop - 7 years ago


  • TIESHA W - 7 years ago


  • Rich - 7 years ago

    What about Ted the Bear? would be awesome

  • Terry Schoeberl - 7 years ago

    Billy Crystal............................Ellen...................Ryan Seacrest

    All the others mentioned turn my stomach.

  • Mike - 7 years ago


  • Chris - 7 years ago

    Conan O'Brien is the funniest, most genuine guy on television. Ask Conan!

  • caiobabe - 7 years ago

    I say...BRING PETER BRADY BACK!!! He was awesome.

  • William Siems - 7 years ago

    Pres. Obama should host next year. He's ubiquitous on TV as is, he will probably figure out a way to be on the show anyway, and he'll be able to rub elbows with his fellow elitist, mega-donor Hollywood types. Then I can put on a movie knowing that Obama would turn the show into all about him, therefore I wouldn't miss anything, and then go to bed because if I watched the present-day Mr. Narcissus, he'd put me to sleep anyway.

  • Rob Eddy - 7 years ago

    1word: Shatner

  • Judy - 7 years ago

    Ryan Seacrest, Mario Lopez or Tom Bergeron - they are seasoned emcees already and could keep the show running on a timely basis. Mario especially is a very good dancer.

    Who says the host has to be a comedian?

  • Sherry Dunn - 7 years ago

    I was very impressed with Seth. He was smooth, seamless, confident and relaxed on every single thing. This was a huge job and it displayed his vast talent. (I had no idea.) The entire show was very well done (even when I thought something was going badly it turned out hilarious.) If he hosts again it would be to the advantage of the Oscars. I vote for Seth again.

  • Spaceman Biff - 7 years ago

    Robert Downey, Jr.

  • Ted Turner - 7 years ago

    All your suggestions are tasteless. I will choose next year.

  • John D - 7 years ago

    Robert Downey, Jr. has proven that he's up to the task of awarding. Let him host the show, too. Get Samuel L. Jackson up there, they play off each other pretty well!

  • Marlon Brando - 7 years ago

    Jack Nicholson!!!!

  • Gennavette - 7 years ago

    Candy Crowley. And she can decide the winners herself, without all that bother of letting Academy people vote.

  • Gennavette - 7 years ago

    Candy Crowley.

  • Mick - 7 years ago

    Ronnie Wood!

  • Minelle Paloff - 7 years ago

    Jay Leno

  • Bill Adams - 7 years ago

    Craig Fergusen

  • TLM - 7 years ago

    Ellen DeGeneres

  • Conan O'Brien - 7 years ago

    Conan O'Brien

  • iBACKPACK - 7 years ago

    Hugh Jackman

  • Bill - 7 years ago

    Jimmy Fallon AND Craig Ferguson!

  • Bill - 7 years ago

    Jimmy Fallon AND Craig Ferguson!

  • Ed - 7 years ago

    Brian Regan - Absolutely brilliant, clean, non-political, non-offensive and HILARIOUS !
    Seth's joke about Lincoln was as distasteful a joke about this nation's greatest President and UNITER, as possible. It almost seemed like he used the joke just to set up his quick comeback, it was forced, phony & HIGHLY offensive. And the crowd was very underwhelmed by his Napolean reference, just pathetic how badly it all failed.

  • SEC - 7 years ago

    Seinfeld, Larry the Cable Guy, Conan O'Brien

  • L - 7 years ago

    Jonah Hill

  • Stevie - 7 years ago

    It should be me, Stevie Wonder!

  • Anal Sphincter - 7 years ago

    Do we have to have another America-hating leftist?

  • Linda - 7 years ago

    I loved Billy Crystal and enjoyed the Oscars much more when he was hosting. Doubt he will ever do it again. Would second Tina Fey and Amy Poehler though if Billy didn't want to do it.
    I didn't like McFarlane at all. I could see that the actors were uncomfortable with some of his comments and so was I.

  • Linda - 7 years ago

    I loved Billy Crystal and enjoyed the Oscars much more when he was hosting. Doubt he will ever do it again. Would second Tina Fey and Amy Poehler though if Billy didn't want to do it.
    I didn't like McFarlane at all. I could see that the actors were uncomfortable with some of his comments and so was I.

  • RufusVonDufus - 7 years ago

    I don't see why Hollyweird just doesn't have Moooshelle do it as she seems to be their hero. What a skank!

  • RufusVonDufus - 7 years ago

    I voted for Tina Fey and that other Unknown to me so that I will make sure to not watch it again. I would not watch Tina Fey take her clothes off so I certainly would not watch her trying to be funny with them on!

  • JG - 7 years ago

    Trey Parker and Matt Stone. No one rips on celebrities better than them. No one.

  • John - 7 years ago

    Stephen Colbert. And those saying Poehler and Fey are morons. What a borefest.

  • salmonfisher - 7 years ago

    Billy Crystal the best ever...

  • Mark Marcus - 7 years ago

    I believe Martin Short would be a fantastic 'Oscar' host.

  • Cubby Bear - 7 years ago

    How about...... Pee Wee Herman, Barney, and the Purple Tele-tubby ?

  • Frances - 7 years ago

    Eddie Murphy, Steve Carell, Reba McEntire, Barbara Walters, Carol Burnett, Ryan Seacrest

  • John - 7 years ago

    Ted Nugent, ratings would be awesome and would put those libs in their place!!!

  • Tex Taylor - 7 years ago

    The AAwards are certainly most deserving of an equally fitting and glamorous host: (1) Baghdad Bob or (2) for just the sheer genius on stage, Honey Boo Boo.

  • Seth MacFarlane - 7 years ago

    They should do away with the broadcast altogether and go online. And before the winners are announced, the online viewers can vote, then they can compare the viewers' votes to the Academy winner. I didn't enjoy hosting the show. It was a bore. I can't people watch that crap.

  • andrea - 7 years ago

    Queen Latifah

  • PacoTaco - 7 years ago

    Billy Crystal should be annointed host infinitum. He has a rapport with actors, his humor has an edge that stings but doesn't go too far and his pre-produced packages are always entertaining.

  • abc - 7 years ago

    Ryan Secrest , an excellent host and makes it more about the show..then himself

  • Kevin B - 7 years ago

    William Shatner!

  • Johnson - 7 years ago

    Kevin James.

  • Velveeta Cheese - 7 years ago

    How about the Hamburger Helper Oven Mitt.

  • velveeta stewart - 7 years ago

    Why not the First Lady? And Harvey Weinstein can follow her around and bay at the moon.
    Even better: why not Alister Crowley's illegitimate daughter Candy? She did such a fine job in the presidential debate season that when her network decides to fire all the imbeciles she will have a job.
    Or how about the Carney and then all the network talking heads can sing and dance and hand out idols?
    Or even---and more importantly---who cares?

  • Pete - 7 years ago

    The Reverend Mike LiToris

  • Robert - 7 years ago

    Janelle from MTV's Teen Mom.

  • Alyssa - 7 years ago

    David Letterman. He is a class act and a comedian. Bring some prestige back to the awards shows and stop letting them be a drunken slam fest!

  • Kristi - 7 years ago

    Sarah Palin. I wouldn't want her to run the country, but she would make for a great Oscar Host! My friends and I don't watch the Oscars; we can't stand the "self-important" actors. I think Sarah hosting would attract more of the folks like us and would improve the ratings!

  • Willie - 7 years ago

    Seth MacFarlane was perfect. Second choice: Steve Carell.

  • LINDA - 7 years ago

    Bring in a HALLIGRAM, or make one) of BOB HOPE .
    There is NO ONE that my friends and I can come up with that has any REAL TALENT for comedy
    to host an event like the OSCARS.

    ALL of our great talents are passing. There really is NO contempory that can match our greats.!

    The administration for the OSCARS must be beating these people up, to have most of these people
    them, they'll never host the OSCARS again.

  • Joe - 7 years ago

    The world is too PC. There's a limit to how tightly you can pucker a butthole, people. Seth MacFarlane did brilliantly. With highly entertaining, harmless ease, he managed to anger feminazis and the Jewish Anti-Defamation League in one fell swoop. I'd consider that a success. I bet Ricky Gervais is jealous. They should pay up enough cash to bring back Seth, his buttery singing voice, and musical theater dance moves. I'm sure he can't say no to a hefty sum.

    In short, bring Seth MacFarlane back at any cost. He made the Oscars entertaining and, ironically, classy again.

  • Hoax - 7 years ago

    Manti Te'o's girlfriend.

  • Bill - 7 years ago

    The Diceman or Howard Stern....

  • Don Roberts - 7 years ago

    Zac Gallifanakis. Very clever and quick witted. His stand up on SNL was awesome.

  • Fred Smith - 7 years ago

    Tom Hanks, Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis, just to name a few

  • CNEWB - 7 years ago

    Good Riddence --- Seth McFarlane
    His shows are disgusting !

    Get someone with CLASS.

  • e. - 7 years ago

    Melissa McCarthy. She appeals to a younger demographic (as the Oscars are always pandering these days), is a gifted comedienne.... And actually makes movies. Give another woman a shot!

  • Liz - 7 years ago

    Kevin Spacey would be a terrific host ... he's a class act from A-Z!

  • kyle - 7 years ago


  • Rusty Shackleford - 7 years ago


    Really now, you thought his show was crass? His jokes edgy? What did you expect from the creator of Family Guy? It...was...funny!

  • mel Gibson - 7 years ago

    Rush Limbaugh - he would bring balance to the libtard convention

  • Brian - 7 years ago

    Stephen Colbert!

  • Ruby Begonia - 7 years ago

    Get Bob Hope or Johnny Carson

  • MZStitch - 7 years ago

    Jeff Dunham with his pals Achmed and Walter, could be hysterical

  • Hopsluvr - 7 years ago

    "Uncle Ted" Nugent

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