Do you think a $2,855 toll bill is excessive?

Posted 6 years.


  • Tammy Flores - 6 years ago

    For all those who think this is just a matter of paying your bills on time, you don't understand the problem. You have to receive a bill to pay the bill. You also have to use a service or purchase a product for a bill to be produced. Herein lies the problem. In most of these cases 407ETR made the amount on the invoice out of thin air. 407ETR has access to MTO's database. I have them on record saying they simply chose not to access that information properly until 2010. This is not fair. You can't come to someone 14 years later and say pay me because I say you owe me. For this problem, 407ETR will have make the wrongs they did right.

  • Jay - 6 years ago

    He needs his vehicle to earn a living? Would he allow someone to skip out on a similar bill for a similar excuse? The mere fact that he wasn't harassed to pay the bill should be all the compensation he enjoys. Be thankful a warrant wasn't issued. Pay the bill.

  • urszula - 6 years ago

    Yes he should pay but the intrest they churge is daylite robbery

  • Dave - 6 years ago

    Yes it's excessive...500% interest is illegal, however he needs to pay the original bill plus a reasonable interest penalty - and stop being a deadbeat....

  • Fraze - 6 years ago

    Assuming there is no information being left out of this story; The 407 is no different than any other paid service. Removing the controversy from the equation, you wouldn't go out for dinner, eat and enjoy your meal and expect to leave without paying? If you use a toll highway, expect to pay the toll. Seems pretty simple to me.

  • Kelly Oliver - 6 years ago

    If you cannot afford the highway THEN DON'T TAKE IT! It's pretty dam simple! There are MANY alternatives and you took the 407 so you owe the $$$!

  • Yuenger - 6 years ago

    Agreed that paying your bills up front will negate issues like this down the road. What I'd really like to know is if I can invest my money with the 407 and enjoy these 600% returns ! An invesment at an interest rate of 10% will see your principle double in seven years. These types of penalites and rates are truly criminal and should be addressed. Who on earth can afford to live in Ontario, not me.

  • Technoguppy - 6 years ago

    Lesson here is "pay your bills like everyone else". $2300 in additional fees (interest, taxes on interest) is excessive.

    Speaking of excessive, 407 tolls are the highest in the world. Congratulations! We're number 1!

    With traffic in the GTA only getting worse, when will the 407, the Province, the City, the Trucking association, the Transit companies, the Oil companies, get together to do something??? It's a self-serving prophecy that traffic will get worse, forcing commuters on to the 407 and be held hostage to its tolls.

    If tolls were reduced, more people would use it, thereby reducing congestion. If the trucks used it (forced to use it), it would free up 4 lanes of traffic (2 for Express, 2 for Collectors) for other travelers, thereby reducing congestion.

    If you could traverse the city within one system and one fare in a "timely fashion", people would use transit, thereby reducing congestion.

    Until there is political will (and by that I mean, the people speak as united voice), nothing will change, we will spend our after-tax dollars sitting in traffic burning gas (money).

    Ultimately there is no single solution and will require participation from all stakeholders. Who will lead the charge? Likely no one.

  • not impressed - 6 years ago

    If you would have paid your bill on time you would not be in this mess. You are the only one to blame for this and no one else. I guess it just goes to show you that you try to get away without paying your ETR bill it does catch up with you. I wish I could feel sorry for you but I don't. It's not like you paid your bill and it is was error, but you did not pay you bill.

  • jayemeff - 6 years ago

    Pay your bills on time.

  • northerncanadian - 6 years ago

    He should have paid the bill in the first place, however....going from a 400 dollar bill to over 2000 is a little excessive. Perhaps he could work something out, a payment plan?

  • BUCK - 6 years ago

    Just went through the same thing myself - lesson learned pay the bill on time!!

  • Jay - 6 years ago

    I'm no expert in the matter, but I thought Canadian interest laws states that no company is allowed to charge more than 60% interest per annum? This seems really excessive and unfair.

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