If you could move The Legend of Korra to a new Network, what would it be?

  • Shaun - 9 years ago

    NO CARTOON NETWORK. They don't know a good show if it bit them in the rear. The cancel the story strong series, and buy and make more and more cheap fifteen minute junk piles. Only reason I like the Incredible Crew is because Nick Canon is behind it. And of ALL their fifteen minute excess, Adventure time and Regular show are the ONLY ones worth watching. And let's face it, Regular Show is just a clone of Adventure time in so many ways. (at least A.T. does from time to time bring an interesting storyline in).

    I'd say give it to Disney. Its actually getting good at action shows with the Avengers and Spider Man and Tron. And who wouldn't want to go to Disneyland and met Aang, have meat with Sokka, or pet Momo or Pabu?!

  • Tom - 9 years ago

    AMC is currently hosting some of the top shows right now: the walking dead, breaking bad and many more. AMC is smart and the legend of korra would be perfect for there network.

  • Filmeditor16 - 9 years ago

    Dude, ANYTHING but Cartoon Network! They are terrible! Nick is like freaking Mother Teresa compare to Cartoon Network. At least Nickelodeon Played Avatar through to the very end, and gave us a sequel with 4 freaking books! Do you guys have any idea what Cartoon Network is doing to Young Justice and Green Lantern? It breaks my heart, because I like those shows, not as much as Korra, but still, I like them. And they are canceling them! Not even seeing it through to the end! Don't get me started on all the in-between season hiatus. I mean, Avatar had hiatus, but they were not as bad. Nickelodeon did not advertise it, and then pull it 24 hours before it was supposed to be shown for a freaking rerun of a terrible show. And its not like it got terrible ratings, there is a DC nation fandom, believe it or not. not as large as ours, but still, a fandom none the less. And the Teen titans cancelation breaks my heart to this day. Korra does not deserve Cartoon Network, it's better for all of us if it stays on Nickelodeon.

  • Sarah - 9 years ago

    I think Nick is the best station for any Avatar series, and Cartoo Network would really be the next best choice because at least it stays on a station where the fanbase is similar. BUUUT I don't think they should move to any station! It's the Avatar's home :)

  • Tex - 9 years ago

    Considering FOX's reputation for canceling awesome shows, I'm not sure why anyone would vote for them... Firefly, Futurama, Arrested Development? Anytime FOX gets a show with a big fan following they boot it off their network. It's like they hate fun.

  • SilentSavant - 9 years ago

    Given Cartoon Network's reputation for cancelling good action shows, I wouldn't trust them with Korra. The only likely candidate would be The Hub.

  • Anshuman Chakravorty - 9 years ago

    give to japan and TV Tokyo. Those guys know what to do with anime and have been airing anime for years!

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