Do You Think Ubuntu Should Switch To A Rolling Release Model?

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Posted 6 years.


  • I agree with Nick. I am an end user, but I would think that common sense would dictate not jumping into something which may seriously impact on what Canonical is trying to achieve.

  • Craig - 6 years ago

    13.04 should be the rolling release...just add the options in update manager to do either daily or monthly updates (of course with both, security updates should come in as they are available) and release monthly isos of ubuntu on the main website for those installing the rolling release "fresh"....

    Doesn't seem very prudent to either drag out 13.04 until 14.04 releases or releasing 13.04 as the last 6 month version...just make 13.04 the Rolling Release....

    Those who have been testing it will be able to just keep rolling along (with the new update manager options)...

    Hope someone from the development team reads my comment...

  • Dave - 6 years ago

    1st priority must always be quality. If ubuntu moves to a rolling release, I agree with Dereck's comment: I would also want to install stable, well-tested updates

  • MarvelC - 6 years ago

    A rolling release would be great, driver updates for latest hardware, how many of us have great hardware that is not supported? I certainly would benefit from power improvements without having to install unsupported kernels.

    And unification of code base is awesome...imagine having the same playlists documents you are working on synchronised across your tablet, phone, laptop and desktop. Play a song on your tablet continue it on your phone, start editing your document on tablet and continue it on your laptop seemlessly on an OS level, no need for third party sync tools.

    It also means security has to be beefed up so that contamination doesnt spill across all devices

  • MrAli - 6 years ago

    I like this idea. it will provide more time and better focus for developers. at the end, end user will benefit from it.
    i am looking forward to see ubuntu rolling release.

  • Jeroen - 6 years ago

    I agree with Derreck W.
    A rolling model where I can choose how long updates should be on air before I install them. Except security updates of course. These should be installed immediately after they're released.

  • Joe - 6 years ago

    With regard to Dave's comments: Why is Ubuntu trying to follow Microsoft and their disasterous Win8? Device unification? Why? What exactly does this do for any but the most nieve of users? Because it would look cool? Sorry. This assumes that one size fits all...which never ever actually works. One size really never fits any one. This seems to have become a mindless mantra repeatedly chanted over and over to make it become a trueism. Sorry, it just isn't true.

    Win 8 has failed because very few want a touch screen on their desktop or laptop. Desktops and laptop's functionality has little to do with a touch screen. However, tablets and phones need the touch interface. Why? because form and function are directly related. You can have the same functionality between devices, but to make them 'functional' you have to accomodate the differences in form factors as well as what the primary use of the individual devices are, which are different! You aren't likely to work on a spread sheet on a phone, but you probably would on a desktop or laptop. Watching a video on a phone is possible, but far from what your experience would be on a pad or laptop. And the examples go on and on. Design the UI to support the individual device. Keeping the same 'look and feel' should probably be limited to the color theme, not to the UI.

    As for rolling releases, it can be done and done well. I'm currently working on one of the largest Agile application development projects in the US. We release new clean tested code every eight weeks. This has been working well for several years. Once you experience it, you'd be unlikely to want to go back.

  • Dave Sargent - 6 years ago

    I agree with Nick. I am an end user, but I would think that common sense would dictate not jumping into something which may seriously impact on what Canonical is trying to achieve.

    I would hate to see the Ubuntu Phone arrive DOA because of some rushed coding.

    Rolling Release model would be fantastic, but only if it works downstream towards the device unification seamlessly. It really needs to be as flawless as possible to create a desirable product.

  • Dereck W - 6 years ago

    I'd like to have a delayed rolling release for myself. It would be cool if I could tell update-manager that I only want updates that have been in the wild for a three days, a week, a month, etc.

    Then everyone could manage their our system stability on a case by case basis.

  • Barry - 6 years ago

    No more funky names to hear of every 6 months.
    It gives ubuntu a chance to experiment with new features

    Stay with what aint broke

  • Gilberto Gutierrez - 6 years ago

    To have the latest and greatest, I would like that very much. And knowing that LTS will stay the same is also good.

  • Nick - 6 years ago

    I think that's a great idea switching to a Rolling Release model, but wouldn't love to wait so long for it. In my opinion, Canonical should release 13.04 as was previously planned.

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