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  • Duane R. Olson - 7 years ago

    Since “interstate commerce or foreign trade” is never mentioned in the controlling statute for federal jurisdictional authority to enforce the OFFENSES and PENALTIES of Title 21 U.S.C. §841, where is the NEXUS to the Constitution that confers federal jurisdictional authority for the Executive and Judicial branch of the government of the United States to respectively, arrest, prosecute, convict, and punish "any person" at random NOT REGISTERED by the Attorney General (DEA) for federal jurisdiction to be federally regulated to buy, sell, use, or abuse, drugs, narcotics, hallucinates, or controlled substances, whatever they are now or ever will be? Answer: Federal jurisdiction is conferred by virtue of a real and binding contractual agreement where money changed hands between the registrant and the DEA and; NO CONTRACT--NO REGISTRATION--NO REGISTRATION--NO FEDERAL JURISDICTION! IT'S JUST THAT SIMPLE "SHEEPLE"!

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