New How much wood do you have stockpiled for projects?


  • Richard Obermark - 8 years ago

    It started out simple enough with a phone call from this tree company that would always call when they had a hardwood tree they were taking down. This went on for over a year and then I just simply had to pull the plug because I was running out of room. I now have over 13,000 bd ft...... yea that's right.....13 thousand board feet. The only blessing out of it all is that the property we bought 8 years ago had several buildings on it and the one in the back houses all the wood that is air drying. The cool thing is that I have a really good mix and about a 1000 board feet of several live edge slabs. Some of my buddys have said (there is no way I will ever be able to build enough stuff to ever use up that much wood in a lifetime). Not sure if they are correct but I am sure going to try.

  • Mike Malley - 11 years ago

    I need to get a few more pcs. of wood for a winter project. Then I need to line-up the projects for the spring and summer and purchase more wood---

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