Do you think the high school should be putting on all-White productions of "The Wiz"?


  • Anonymous - 11 years ago

    This news report seems entirely based on someone pulling the race card when dealt a bad hand. "Anymous" is completely right in the fact that the girl's mother just started to scream "Racism!" without taking into account that her daughter might just not be that good at acting.

  • Anymous - 11 years ago

    Nowadays racism works both ways. "White kids should not do the whiz because they are not black", How does that sounds when it is reversed?
    "Black kids should not do the whiz because they are not white" How does that sound?

    And have the black kids really more talent then the white kids? Did someone check? Or did someone yell "racism!" and everyone started yelling racism, just like mindless chickens.

    Also the school has 2,300 children, of those children only 93 children are black. Only 7 black students auditioned for speaking roles.

  • Joyce Payne - 11 years ago

    It 's just a repeat of their history. They have always recorded history with an all-white cast and taken the credits of blacks under their ownership. It is just proof in the daylight of what has often been done in the dark. It is an insult to blacks because it further denies blacks the privilege of receiving rightful recogniition while walking over African American accomplishments. I do not believe we should continue to allow our heritage to be lost in history.

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