Do Black men sell out when they dress up in drag for a laugh?

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Poll posted 7 years ago.


  • Tyrone Smith - 5 years ago

    Madea also totes a gun and butchers parts of the bible. It's not funny effeminizing is not funny black or white!

  • Nolan - 6 years ago

    It isn't crazy to think that black men have been held down a bit with the dress wearing.. I don't know if it's true but at this point it's very fair to say that it's a hack form of comedy and should be dropped. Chappelle is one of the most respected comedians today.. And that in itself should give weight to his statements. Combine that with shows like The Boondocks, a respected satirical cartoon that also criticizes perry and his "Christian" cross dressing shtick, and you might have enough reason to say it shouldn't be happening any more. It shows a lack of creativity if nothing else.

  • Irene Batson-Rumph - 7 years ago

    I think dressing as a woman does not negate your manhood in any way. It can be hilarious as well as educational. Tyler Perry as Madea has taught some very deep life affirming and chrisitan lessons. Sometimes the joke is funnier that way or has more meaning. The fact that they dressed as full-figured or disproportionate females is realistic. Americans on a whole are overweight. There are more overweight Americans than there are healthy.

    Tyler Perry shows the "Big Mama", "Madea" or other grandmotherly figure known to African-Americans. We all have that mother, grandmother and/or aunt that has taught us life lessons that we hold dear. She was usually overweight, overbearing and controlling. However, she showed us the most love. That is why we can pull up in our memory a lesson she taught that sustains us at any given moment.

    I applaud these men, especially Tyler. I believe that most of the men that have a problem with it have homophobic issues or never had a "Madea" in their life or are having a problem dealing with the fact that theirs is no longer with us.

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