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  • Stephenie - 10 years ago

    I worked at Tolly-Ho for years. (Left about 2 years ago.) The original owners' names were Bob Tolly and Bob Hollopeter - thus the name Tolly-Ho. They opened the restaurant in 1971. It's moved a couple of times and changed ownership once in 1991. For those of you that fondly remember Tolly-Ho from your college days, you'll be happy to know that there is a TON of parking at the new (since 2011) location. Parking was a big issue at the old place.

    As for the "Ho burger", the burgers are called the Tolly-Ho (quarter pounder), the Super-Ho (double half-pounder), and the Mega-Ho (triple-decker 3/4-pounder). People shorten the name to call the burgers "Ho burgers". Also, when referring to the restaurant, people tend to say, "Let's go to the Ho!"

  • Walt - 10 years ago

    The name "Tolly-Ho" actually comes from the names of the two men who originally opened the place. The Ho has been a UK tradition for probably 30+ years and it still serves the best burger :) If you ever get the chance to go and you haven't been before, make sure to tell them it's your first time there. They'll give you a little something extra for free. Southern hospitality at its finest. :)

  • Matt - 10 years ago

    The best little Ho-house in the south! Ho burger all the way

  • Jamma - 10 years ago

    It's called a "Ho Burger" because the name of the restaurant is Tolly-Ho. Nothing indecent there.

  • Oski - 10 years ago

    How do the PC police not have a cow with the "Ho" burger??

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